April 29, 2019


Eureka, MO


Sisters Poulos & Winn

boujee life = running over a razor blade

praying or taking naps in our car?? 

we are teaching an older couple (one of them was raised in one of the branches of early mormonism) and we always catch them at the perfect timing. we're parked outside their house saying our prayer before we go in to teach our lesson and half way through the prayer, (I promise I don't typically do this) I open my eyes and look up to see the husband standing right in front of our car, grabbing his mail, with this complete look of confusion written all over his face. I opened the door, still half way through the prayer and he says, "what are you 3 doing sleeping in your car?"

anywho, sister poulos and I did a violin + piano duet in sacrament meeting and he came just to watch us! #precious

I've been sleeping on a boujee air mattress for a straight week and have another full week ahead so I say, good luck charlie.

zone conf

each zc our vehicle coordinator chooses 1 car that's the cleanest and gives them a gift card, so at this point in my mission I've lost all hope of winning- but with the luck of the draw, WE ROLLED IN WITH THE W 
on a spiritual note, we talked a lot about the importance of covenants and the why behind them. president bateman basically hashed out on the law of chastity, which was actually so good and I learned a lot more about why that specific covenant is so dang important. I'm really grateful for the promises we make with Heavenly Father and the promises He gives us back, I know they make us more like Him.

each year president bateman coaches a team of elders in basketball and they play against some college team, so we're going to cheer them on with Sister Bateman today lolllll 
our key indicators this week were about as flat as our tire, so giving ourselves half a thumbs up

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT- pretty sure I've talked about this before, but here we are again. one of my fave quotes that I always have in mind is, "There is more individuality in those who are more holy. Sin, on the other hand, brings sameness." -Elder Neal A Maxwell

we know that our purpose in life is to become like Jesus Christ. early on my mission, one of my friends taught me that Heavenly Father magnifies our individual personality when we obediently turn to Him. obedience is the Savior's quest, making it our quest too. the purpose of obedience is to add light.

one purpose as to why we have a mortal body is to be the Lord's vessel and carry His light. we become more of a magnified individual when we focus on living our covenants and being obedient. we're here to learn to be pure.

all my love + some more

sis B

1. FITZ'S- a stl thing that's gooooood 2. sister bahr, aka best person in the world 3. we got these caricature done FOR FREE, perks of being a missionary 
4. tracting, so here's a random sign 
5. cleanest car 
6. our tire slashed by literally a razor blade in the middle of the road, love it 


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