April 1, 2019


Eureka, MO


Sister Poulos

a week of blessing

Monday night we decided to go try a random family we had never met before but happened to come across on area book. we knocked on the door and they let us right in- SUPER cute family, the dad hasn't been to church in a long time but knows it's true and is already a member, the wife isn't a member but knows a lot because of her husband, their cute 5 year old girl who has got to be THE BEST person on this earth, and their 3 week old baby girl. TALK ABOUT A TENDER MERCY. we have been able to meet with them twice, and they came to church on Sunday and loved the Ward, and it's ONLY BEEN 7 DAYS. do we hear steps into a baptismal font???? HOPEFULLY YES.we went to a track meet on Tuesday to meet some referrals from a family in our ward. so weird to walk into a high school, kinda uncomf. I said, throw back to the good days. we walked out from an appointment and saw Grandpa Daniel working on the Daniel Farm, so we stopped by and helped him plant onions for 20 min, best 20 min of my mission, love agriculture. I went on exchanges with the Frontenac Sisters on Saturday. the local Haven Home is moving locations, so we did service in the morning and helped them carry random stuff out to the trash. We loaded up our car with a bunch of random boxes to take to a Branch Building and this was the BIGGEST BLESSING that happened to us all week. Friday morning SPoulos and I ran out of toilet paper and said, this has got to be the biggest rip. **side note: if you ever want to give the missionaries a gift, all we ever really need is toilet paper and yummy smelling hand soap. because what kind of missionary wants to use their MSF to buy toilet paper over custard + unhealthy st louis food- not us.** We literally had no time to run to the store and buy any between then and Sunday, so we said, God will have to provide a way. AND GUESS WHAT, HE DID. We took the boxes to the branch and they said, take what you need. I opened up a random box, and lo & behold, MOUNDS of toilet paper- so we took 30 rolls and I'm supplied for the rest of my mission, thank the stars. If that isn't the biggest miracle you've ever heard from a missionary, I don't know what is.At church on Sunday our cute little bench consisted of the family we had just met on Monday, us, Tabitha (our cute recent convert), and a family who joined the church in the summer. During the first hymn in Sacrament Meeting, I just looked down our little bench and literally sat in awe. It was such a humbling, happy little moment. You never know the good you do and how you can bless a person's life. There are people surrounded by us that need to hear the gospel, who are just waiting for someone to speak up and tell them the love that HF has for them, and to love them enough to invite them to come + see.SPIRITUAL THOUGHT- one of my very favorite members in this ward, Brother Kneedler, invited us over to his ministering brothers home to meet him and his wife as she prepares to go into scary surgery this week. He gave her a priesthood blessing and it was one of the most spiritual blessings I think I have ever heard. Brother Kneedler joined the church 25ish years ago, and I was so humbled to hear one of the best blessings from a man who didn't have a strong religious background for the first 20 years of his life. I realized that God truly magnifies people in their callings and that through the power of the Holy Ghost, we can do and say the things Heavenly Father would have us say. 
I received a blessing the other night from one of my zone leaders and was amazed at the things that were said in my blessing. For my zone leader who didn't know all that I was thinking / feeling / questioning, knew exactly what I needed to hear and knew exactly what he needed to say. It amazes me that we have such a close way to talk to our Heavenly Father. I am so dang grateful for the power + authority that comes from the priesthood. I am SO GRATEFUL for men who live their lives worthily to be carriers of that sacred responsibility. I'm grateful for a dad who has lived his life so well, allowing me to turn to him for a priesthood blessing whenever I have needed it. I have a strong testimony of the importance of having a priesthood holder in the home.
"That the rights of the priesthood are inseparably connected with the powers of heaven, and that the powers of heaven cannot be controlled nor handled only upon the principles of righteousness." Doctrine & Covenants 121:36
my words of advice / things i learned from this week- don't listen to the haters 
all my love + a whole lot more, B
(too many words, too many pics, sns) 
pics;1: st louis cheese i'm obsessed with2: unhealthy st louis food3: gpa dans farm4: our buds5: exchanges6: hard day, so we squatted to take a pic in front of this cute flower box7: accurate representation of this week 


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