February 19, 2019


Sikeston, MO


Sister Carroll

straight blessings

Well Heavenly Father has just been straight blessing me with presents on my mission. First a phone, then pants, now I get to call my parents each week, missionaries are living in luxury over here. 

the goods: 

-we picked up 9 new this week which may be my new record

-I got to spend a whole day with my mom, Sister Morgan! We had exchanges yesterday and it was too good to catch up since we haven't been together for a year now, yikes

-we got a text from a guy named Gabriel asking for Bibles for his jail ministry. We met up at this little diner in Sikeston, he bought us lunch, we taught him a 4 min resto, and then he tried to tip us for the Bibles. We told him he could pay us back through meeting with us again and taking the lessons and GOOD NEWS, HE'S ACTUALLY PROGRESSING.

-we taught this family in spanish and rip us HAHAH we had to use google translate the whole time but it was actually LEGIT and now my biggest desire is to learn spanish- someone hmu?

-on vday sis carroll and i got diet coke and pretended we bought it for each other #truelove

I finally get to go through the temple again later today! I get to see my bffe sis alder for the last time today so I'm probably going to be depressed for the next week & a half. Why did no one ever warn me that transfers and saying buy to your comps is LITERALLY THE HARDEST PART of a mission??

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT- I had one of the most spiritually lead personal studies of my life this past week. I gained the strongest testimony that Heavenly Father answers our prayers and guides us to exactly what we need. I've always heard stories of RMs questioning their faith / testimony shortly after they return home and I have always said RIP if that's me. A big part of what I learned during my study was the importance of the Book of Mormon. I was pondering what I could do to strengthen my testimony even more & gain a stronger realtionship with God. I was directed straight to this quote in PMG- "By consistently inviting people to live the principles found in the Book of Mormon, you help them develop faith in Jesus Christ and draw nearer to God." Our faith & testimony won't struggle if we stay consecrated to reading the Book of Mormon each day.


sis b

Pic 1 & 2: freezing rain

Pic 3: My eyes must have known what holiday it was because on vday i woke up like this - love showing up to lessons looking like I've been doing too many of the weeds Pic 4: vday present

Pic 5: frozen house

Pic 6: we run into stuff like this LITERALLY everydayPic 7: SMorgan  


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