February 11, 2019


Sikeston, MO


Sister Carroll

“you girls is CUTE”

a story my mom won't appreciate probably at all: (starting the group email off GOOD)
we wake up in the middle of the night to someone POUNDING on our front door downstairs. I turned to sister carroll and woke her up saying, "dude someone is literally knocking down our door" and then they pound EVEN HARDER a second time. So by this point, we're straight PSYCHED out of our minds. I check the time and it's 1:30 am so we decide to call our apt manager because we're 2 dumb teenage girls. She tells us to call 9-1-1, so when I dial, the phone says, "sorry, your conditional call can not be forwarded, goodbye" and we said, "THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END." we checked the number I called AND IT WAS 9-9-1 we literally cried laughing so hard and then made jokes about it for like 5 minutes. we finally calmed ourselves down so that we could call the real 9-1-1 and be serious about it. ANYWAYS, the 9-1-1 lady was like "yeah there's activity in that area, we'll send someone." 21 seconds later we heard sirens right outside our house and life was good after that. we overdosed on melatonin and fell right back asleep for the rest of the night- all good things.

I talked last week about that Welcome video the church put out and how our Mission President has asked us to share it 7 times each day. Sister Carroll and I try to make sure we have appointments from 7-9pm because Sikeston is too sketch to be out at night and we've been advised to stay in at dark. One night our appt fell through so SC jokingly said, "let's go to Walmart and share the video with people" so, we did lollll. we somehow managed to not get kicked out, shared it 12 times and met some legit people. One of the girls said, "send that to me on FB messenger so I can post it on my feed" and I said, only if you get baptized (not for reals). Really cool experience and talk about getting out of your comfort zone. By the end of the week, we had shared the Church vid 80 times #baller 

We went to go teach one of our besties, Perry the other day. He was watching his nephew so we just did a quick check up and followed up with his Book of Mormon reading. On the way out the door the nephew said (he's like 7 okay) "I have to say something before you leave! I don't really know why I'm saying this... but, you girls is CUTE" Perry LOST his marbles- he turned to his neph and said, "son, if you ever want to be with these girls you got to be getting in church! They wont get with you, they HOLY." We went over to his house again on Sunday and had one of the most spirit driven lessons I've had. He has been through LOTS. He grew up in the ghettos of Cleveland, Ohio and has seen a lot of death and a lot of gang troubles throughout his 39 years of life. Sis Carroll and I were pulling out scriptures and church vids left and right. SC remembered a video that she had only seen once when she was 12 and it came straight to her mind to share with him. literally, SO cool to be the Lord's vessel, it's my all time fav thing to think about and to be a part of.

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT- something that I have been doing with my personal studies lately is starting each study by first praying to Heavenly Father with a specific question in mind. It has literally been so neat because without fail, I have received a very specific answer each time. Each question I have asked has been clearly answered in the chapter of the Book of Mormon I had just previously left off on. It's been a MAJOR testimony builder that Heavenly Father hears our prayers, answers them when we diligently study, and that the Book of Mormon speaks directly to us.

"We measure our faith by what it leads us to do - by our obedience." -Elder Robert D. Hales

I love this quote. We exercise our faith by living the covenants we have made with our Father in Heaven. Whenever we open up our Book of Mormon, get on our knees to pray, attend our church meetings, ask for a priesthood blessing, or treat someone kindly- we are exercising our faith in Jesus Christ and becoming more like Him.

over & out
sister beal

pic 1: 100 dollar bill update- it was a F A K E :((
pic 2: service @theY 
pic 3: tracting in the cold
pic 4: my eyes were straight BLOOD SHOT for 2 days in a row, still not sure why. I used eye drops that i found in my bag and then later found out that my eye drops expired in 2016 LOLLL. (don't worry mom, i went and bought some new ones.. but then lost it somewhere in our car oops)
pic 5: we ran for our lives to take this pic and #worthit
pic 6: car rides


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