January 21, 2019


Sikeston, MO


Sister Carroll

the work

Sis B update before I get into the goods - church was canceled bc it's so dang cold & snowy. We woke up Sunday morning to 5° weather- literally where am I? Edward is currently ghosting us and I say, pay back is brutal from all the people I ghosted in HS. Sister Carroll asked me if I was part Indian then continued to say, "I could see you with a wolf tattoo." That's all.

So I want to talk about something I learned 6 weeks ago that has entirely changed the pace of my mission and my hopes for sharing this is that it will help set the pace of your MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK- before you think this is a hoot and scroll down to just look at pics, I LITERALLY PROMISE THAT THIS WILL BLESS YOUR LIFE NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. Whenever people have asked me how they can better do member missionary work I've always SKIRTEDDD around the question bc literally I have no idea and frankly no one has any idea besides probably the prophet & his apolstles (fair to say?) In order to even begin member missionary work the desire HAS TO BE THERE. Don't have a desire to share the gospel? Read the BoM & PMG (just as much for the members as it is for the missionaries) EACH day & of course pray ur heart out- specifically for that desire & for opportunities.

There's 3 parts to actually giving the missionaries a person to start teaching: 1. you don't have any name in mind for the missionaries 2. you have a name that's been in the back of your head for a min 3. you straight up have a legit referral. Each of these 3 parts have steps to take that lead to the next part: 1. no name? Pray and read the Book of Mormon EVERY DAY. PROMISE- a name WILL come to mind. 2. Have a name? Start doing some soft invites (soft invites come from members- i.e. church activities, dinner, fhe. Hard invites come from the missionaries- i.e. take the lessons, come to church, be baptized.) 3. Have a referral? Get in with the lessons.

Missionaries have what's called a teaching pool- this is a long list of individulas that we are currently working with. We invite EACH member to have their own teaching pool. We encourage members to have at least 2-3 people in their teaching pool at all times, the second one of those names drops out, you imediately go to the step 1 process and work to get another name in there.

REAL LIFE MIRACLE FROM THIS- we have set the expectation with our ward that we missionaries are in 4 different members homes EVERY DAY for 20 minutes. We follow up with members and teach them everything I just taught you ^^^ Last week we taught a family in our ward this lesson and at the end they had no names in mind. We invited the family to study chapter 3 lesson 1 in PMG- The Restoration, and to write down any name that came to mind, PROMISING them that ANY name that came to mind was DIRECTLY from the spirit. We showed up only 5 days later to follow up with them and they had OVER 10 NAMES COME TO MIND.

lots of love
sister beal

pic 1: district pic
pic 2: a wall
pic 3: SEMO (southeast missouri)
pic 4: FINALLY SNOW w our cute RS pres pic 5: got to wear my FAT boots for the first time on my mission- finally not a RIP for packing them
pic 6: me saying "who am I" with all my herbal teas 


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