December 10, 2018


Sikeston, MO


Sister Carroll

is it 4:20???

Literally serving in Sikeston is the greatest bc so many things happen in this area that don't happen anywhere else so i say, i'm blessed. I thrive in the ghetto boonies.

I picked up my baby, Sister Carroll on Wednesday and we hit the grind hard. Between Wednesday night to Sunday we miraculously found 4 new people to start teaching so I gave the people in Sikeston (& Heavenly Father) a fat thank you for letting us talk to them. On Thursday (sis carroll's first official day), we went tracting- so we're walking down the side of the road and this black guy rolls down his window in his car and says, "you girls are looking might fine today" to which we said, "thank you!" and kept walking. He then pulls up right next to us again and parks his car in the middle of the road and starts to get out of his car saying, "You girls have any boyfriends because I want a number." Literally I said, self-confidence BOOSTED THANK YOU. We told him we were missionaries from our church and he said, "I'm so sorry, I have God and love him, merry christmas" and drove away so quick, so I say, smh c'mon.

The next day we met a single mom who was super prepared to meet with us and listen to the message we shared. Once we got out of the lesson, we got in our car and pulled up a little so we could review progress. We're minding our own business and this guy walks out of his house and tells us to roll down the window. He asked us if we were waiting for something and we just told him we were writing something down. Then he says, "you girls wanna smoke some weed?" and I said YIKES GTG.

On Sunday we went tracting, part like 42, and were walking around a neighborhood. This super old woman had like 20 layers of coats on and was staring at us as we were walking on the other side of the road. All of the sudden she starts CHARGING ME WITH HER ARMS OPEN WIDE AND I WAS LIKE SHOOT I'M ABOUT TO GET KIDNAPPED. So literally, I start backing up and I'm like oh no, and she just bear hugs me and I was like GIRL WHAT ARE YOU DOING. Guess she just needed some love, so we talked about Jesus for 45 minutes in the freezing cold, but literally she was crazy so it went nowhere. Probably high, classic.

We had our Ward Christmas Party Saturday night which consisted of lots of hot chocolate and Christmas Karaoke. This group of primary boys thought it would be THE FUNNIEST thing to sign sis carroll and me up to sing, so we sang MISTLETOE BY JUSTIN BIEBER HAHAHA. Probably funniest thing, we were dead. This is getting way too long and I can't focus so...

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT- our stake president came and spoke to our ward on Sunday. He talked a lot about the Atonement and said, "When the Atonement heals, it leaves no scars. It's as if there was no wound in the first place." I LOVE that we can be COMPLETELY & PERFECTLY forgiven of our sins through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It has been amazing to see how much change has taken place in my life these past (almost, yikes) 11 months. I know that it's because I have learned to rely on the Atonement and know what it actually means to me.

ur, sister beal

pic 1: our ghetto christmas tree
pic 2: first day
pic 3: RIP my EX comp sis dixon
pic 4: karaoke lolz
pic 5: we made the local newspaper!


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