November 19, 2018


Sikeston, MO


Sister Dixon

satan coming in hot 2.0

To say the least, this week was NUTS. On Tuesday we went tracting around this dual home, apartment complex kinda thing. Each door has a screen door in front of it but it only has a small window to actually see through and they make the window so that the person standing on the inside can see you, but the person on the outside can't see in at all, super weird. We got one lady to answer so we asked if we could come inside and share a message and she said, "I would let you but I'm naked right now" so we said, "okay well can we come back?" We went back over later that day at a time she said she could listen to which a NAKED MAN THIS TIME opened the door and we said WHY IS EVERYONE NAKED ANSWERING THE DOOR. so we tapped outta there in 2 seconds.

At the beginning of the week we got a phone call from Texas asking us to visit a lady who needed us to pray with her who lives 15 min from us. We drove out there and she literally told us the DARKEST STORY OF MY LIFE about how a man abused her in every way possible (don't worry she went into crazy detail ab all of that too) 3 weeks prior. Then she told us that they haven't been able to catch the man and that she's scared he could show up any time. So the whole time we're sitting there like this :)))). Once we got out of the lesson, we got our Relief Society president involved bc we were shook to our core. All that we have been able to find out is that nothing from the police has been recorded and that this lady is totally mentally stable and normal. Our RS pres called the man in Texas to try to figure out more info but once he figured out who she was said, "my connection is really poor, i'll call you back in 15 min" and then never called again. So this entire week we've been saying WHAT'S THE WHY. Sikeston stories man, they'll getcha.

Our anxiety levels that night were off the charts and as a result I've been sick out of my mind since, yay. We've been trucking through it. We were walking around town Saturday morning and this super less active guy, Michael, saw us and came out with three 6 year old boys to all walk around with us (major tender blessing bc 1. we felt real safe with a big black guy walking around with us and 2. he pumped us up about being a missionary) he wanted to find someone to talk to and share a message with so bad. We ran into his uncle and Michael said, "come meet my sisters, they're more important than Labrone James." Best hour of my entire mission, for real. He set us up with 5 different potentials to visit this week. #thanksmichael

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT- when you're shook to your core turn to the Lord. -an inspired quote from sis b

For real though Friday night we asked our bishop to give us each blessings of comfort so we could sleep that night and feel a little better. Just 2 nights before, I had written in my journal about how sometimes it's really hard to know that God hears every single one of our prayers. There are still times where I feel like I'm just talking to myself and question if God is listening. In my blessing my bishop said, "Heavenly Father hears all of your prayers. He hears the prayers you say in your heart and the prayers you say vocally."

It amazes me how real God is and how aware He is of us. My bishop of course had no idea that that specific thing had been on my mind, but Heavenly Father did and He knew i needed to hear it.

Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 “And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up.”
God bless the MSLM especially Sikeston!


sister beal

Pic 1: the .04 inches of snow on the ground
Pic 2: passing out our BofMs
Pic 3: snow
Pic 4: snow again
Pic 5: us stressed
Pic 6: when ur fortune roasts you #appreciateit


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