September 24, 2018


Columbia, MO


Sister Folkman

after a long 8 months my bump is finally starting to show

Well this week I got asked if I was pregnant, how's your week been? Literally, we were teaching the Restoration to this 97 year old lady who's legit blind and not mentally there. Halfway through as I'm bearing my testimony on the Book of Mormon, she asks me if I'm pregnant. So I said, "That's it I'm starving myself for the rest of my life." I'm thriving on the Sister Missionary life- LOVING IT. 

We had the opportunity to volunteer at the Mizzou vs. Georgia football game for the Food Bank & it was SO much fun. We stood at the main entrance gates and collected donations. Obviously we couldn't stay for the game but we were collecting money until the end of the first quarter (ask me if I know what the end of the first quarter means because I don't) so it was a blast. Sister Folkman and I were hyper out of our minds that day, but hey we collected the most donations because of it #baller. 

Yesterday we had 15 min to spare so we decided to go street contacting. We talked to 3 different people who all shut us down pretty hard, but then we met this guy named Edward. We asked him 3 different questions that lead to the Book of Mormon- 

1. When Jesus Christ was resurrected, do you believe it would have been possible for Him to visit his other sheep? 
2. Do you think the people would keep record of His visit? 
3. If we had evidence of this, would you be interested in reading it? 

We have a return appointment for tomorrow & he promised to read the Book of Mormon. Seriously, straight up miracle. Thank you to the inspired lady that gave the Relief Society lesson on Sunday that made us think of these questions. 

Okay also, we were driving home from an appointment one night and our car started making this super weird noise and then it started to smell like the car was on fire. So we got out of the car because we just assumed that if we kept driving we would blow up. We were in this really small town outside of Columbia and no one was around us. We called the elders and they wouldn't answer, so we said a prayer and asked for help. Not even 5 seconds later, this couple drove by, got out of their car and helped us out. I LOVE the power that prayer has and I love knowing that Heavenly Father is aware of our needs. 

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT- At Zone Conference Sister Bateman announced that Elder Niel L. Anderson will be coming to our mission in 3 weeks! One morning while I was getting ready I searched Elder Niel L. Anderson's name in gospel library (because new fav apostle) and found a devotional he gave to missionaries. For the past week & a half I've been trying to figure out how I can apply the Atonement of Jesus Christ in my life every single day. In the middle of his devotional he said,

"Ask yourself the questions, what do I really believe about the Savior's Atonement? Am I personally experiencing every day the Atonement? By increasing your own understanding of the Atonement, your effectiveness as a missionary will increase." 

I know that as we have faith in Jesus Christ and bear testimony of Him, we are applying the Atonement in our life. We should always have Christ's name on our lips. The Atonement is what allows Jesus Christ to understand our weaknesses perfectly so that He can know how to help us perfectly. We apply the Atonement as we ask for the help and strength that comes from Him.  

over & out
sister beal

pic 1: the elders mom vanpic
2-5: the zou game


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