July 2, 2018


Columbia, MO


Sister England

Kumusta from CoMo

Kumusta!! (this is the only word I can remember how to say out of the 3737362 words Sister England has tried to teach me in Tagalog lol. I'm starting to become really dang grateful I'm not speaking a language, given the fact that I can hardly speak to people in my own language hahah)

Sister England and I are KILLING it. We went tracting Thursday morning and met this super cute 15 year old girl who is looking for a chruch to join. We were able to teach her the Restoration and talk to her a lot about it. She is so golden and knows that this is what she wants. Her parents want absolutely nothing to do with us so we had to teach her outside on her front steps which was actually super good but hands down the hottest experience of my life. I'm starting to get really used to the nasty sweat drop that runs right down the middle of my back whenever we step outside- love it. It has been hotter than heck over here but I'm still really loving the humidity even though we can barely breathe when we step outside. 

We met this man named José who is also super solid and really prepared. He moved to Columbia 2 weeks ago, so currently he's homeless and can't find a job. We've only taught him twice but he accepted the invitation to be baptized in 3 weeks and he can not wait. We invited him to a baptism that was happening on Saturday so he could see what it's like and prepare for his own. He texted us and told us that he wasn't going to make it because the buses weren't running that day. We showed up to the baptism and he was sitting on the back bench! He had walked for 40 minutes just to come and see this baptism!! I LOVE people like this and it has been so cool to see that he's sacrificing SO MUCH just to show God that he's dedicated and willing to do what it takes to do what's right. I'm so dang proud of him. 

Spider update- well I haven't died yet so that is in itself a blessing. Sister England woke up one morning with bug bites ALL OVER her stomach so we got super paranoid that it was bed bugs. We had to search our entire bedroom and put soapy buckets of water around the legs of our beds. The good news is that we are pretty sure we don't have bed bugs. The bad news is that we still can't figure out what it was and our Mission Nurse has absolutely no idea. So that's awesome. I understand that God wants us to love and enjoy all of the creatures He made but I'm not having it with the bed bugs, brown recluses, and the cicadas, sorry. 

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT- I studied the talk, Take the Holy Spirit as Your Guide given in this past General Conference a lot this week. I really love the part where Elder Wilson says, "We need the Holy Spirit as our guide in calm waters so that His voice will be unmistakable to us in the fiercest storm." I have seriously come to know how important it is to act on spiritual promptings and I have seen the miracles that come from diligently acting. I know that as we tune our receiver with Heavens frequency, we will feel the spirit more often and see the blessings that come from it. 

Mahal Kita from CoMo! 
xoxo, Sister Beal 


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