April 9, 2018


Pittsfield, IL


Sister Ashley Morgan


This week was GOOD. We had zone conference which is always a hoot. A bunch of missionaries together is just the funnest thing ever because everyone is each other's best friend. I LOVE IT. 

We talked a lot about Facebook and what we're doing with it. Just so y'all know- Facebook is just another tool for us to use for the people in our area, which is really cool! So as much as I want to message all of you, I can only contact friends and family via email on p-days. You're totally good to comment and like my posts or whatever you want to do, I just probably won't comment back. Let me tell ya, the want to scroll through Facebook's news feed and look up family/friends is a temptation and a half holy cow. But it's been cool to see what we can do with social media and I love this quote that Elder Bednar said regarding this, "Do you have any idea how much the Lord trusts you?" NEAT, RIGHT?! Since everyone and their dog is over 70 years old, the people here LOVE family history work which is so awesome!! Sister Morgan and I set up a class to introduce Family Search to people who are interested. The class is next week in a little town that's in our area. Our little ad thing got put into the newspaper this past week so, #famous!! Except not at all because Mt Sterling's population is probably 30 people lol. We're excited though and praying our guts out that we can teach it the right way and answer questions correctly. This week we got Zach (part-member fam I love a lot) to commit to a baptismal date AND WE ARE SO HYPED. Sister Morgan and I have the feeling that he's going to want to push the date bc his work schedule is ridiculous but regardless, He wants to be baptized either way and that's HUGE. Hard work pays off! 

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT- 2 Nephi 25:26 "And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ." Everything we do should be centered around Jesus Christ. I love this quote from Elder Holland, "My very being should reflect the divinity of this work." If we are going to preach of Christ, we have to strive to become like Him by following His example and living the gospel the way He has asked us to. We simply can't preach the gospel if we aren't living it. So, LIVE IT. 

Side note- a sister in our branch shared this with us in sacrament meeting during her testimony; a group of scientists looked at 2 different types of brains, one that believed in God and one that was Atheist. They found that a part in the Athesit's brain was darker compared to the religious persons part of the brain that was light. They found that the human brain will light up when we think about Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. So we already know that the light of Christ is a physical thing that people see but this just brings it to a whole new level. 

that's it for the Pitts ;) 
xoxo, Sister Beal 

Pic 1: Five Guys making me feel at home 
Pic 2: the elder on the left, Elder Owen, went to Rocky so we talk all of the time whenever we see each other haha. He's the best 
Pic 3: it snowed again yesterday, a lot. BUT it's supposed to be 80° on Thursday so praises. Illinois weather is the most bipolar thing ever. Love it 


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