March 12, 2018


Pittsfield, IL


Sister Ashley Morgan

deer in our headlights, literally

We drove over to St. Louis this week for our New Missionary Training Meeting and it was super good! We learned a lot and our Mission President is seriously just super inspired and a really good guy. On our way home we hit a deer pretty bad. It completely totaled our car and God's hand was very much there in protecting us. It should have been a lot worse than it was. We saw the deer on the side of the road and then right as we were passing it, IT DECIDED TO BOLT RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. We saw the deer start to come up and get ready crash straight into our windshield, but something stopped it from rolling up all of the way and it somehow got shoved into the middle of the street. I think my new biggest fear is driving in the dark lol. We were pretty shooken up about it. We had carpooled with some sisters in our district and it's a blessing that we were in the truck. If we were in their car we probably literally would have been dead. It was actually a little bit cool because each of us received spiritual promptings right before it happened that protected us and prepared us for hitting the deer. We were listening to Praise To The Man when we hit it and the next morning that song started playing and PTSD man, that song was shut right off haha. Never again. So forget about self defense being in the most murderous city in America- it's the deer that'll get ya for real.

This week Sister Morgan and I filled out a ton of Book of Mormon' s (Books of Mormon? Idk lol) with deep questions that are answered right in the Book of Mormon. We've been finding people to pass them out to and it's been really cool.

Thad - the maybe creepy guy we met at lunch, is actually super good! We got him to come to church this week and he seems really interested which is SO exciting because this never happens in Pittsfield! It's been really neat to see the way that God works with placing the right people in your path at the exact moment you need to meet them. God is good. 

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT- in that new missionary training meeting we talked about what we do when situations get thrown at us that we don't know how to handle and we kind of just hit that low spot in our life. We talked about how it's all depended upon how we're going to react to that situation. It's going through those hard times that helps you become the person that you need to be. 

"I testify that the Atonement of Jesus Christ covers all of the trials and hardships that any of us will encounter in this life. At times when we may feel to say, “Hope you know, I had a hard time,” we can be assured that He is there and we are safe in His loving arms." -Elder Quintin L. Cook 

Heavenly Father isn't going to give us a trial that we can't handle. Trust that He knows what He's doing. 

Sister Beal
Pic 1: RIP our cute Tacoma 
Pic 2: 1/36362618 Book of Mormons we wrote in 


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