August 17, 2015


Highland Ranch


Sister Gannon

Crazy weather

Sorry I didn't send a email last week, I guess I didn't love you guys enough hahahah. :D

So we have been getting pretty wicked storms, had some tornado warnings and I've been praying for a tornado in Highlands Ranch because I really want to see some :) So funny story, I walked into the front door in Sears and the lady who works there saw the whole thing, and I was on camera so that was pretty funny. We saw one of our recent converts and after we prayed, she told us the spirit really wants her to warn us about flash flooding!! It was so scary, and so I am at #6 for violations hahaha. Guess who might not be driving next transfer :( I was on exchanges with one of our sister training leaders for a day. The elders called us and I had to start multi tasking, driving and talking and I forgot how fast I was going. Our Tiwi told me to check my speed in a man voice, and the elders laughed and joked about it. Then we went to our other sister training leader for weekly planning, and while we were driving over there, we had a sister conference call and so while I was talking, I forgot how fast I was going, and Tiwi told me to check my speed twice. Everyone started to laugh and Sister Thompson, my MTC companion, told me that I better not lose my driving privileges hahaha love her. Saturday, I was a blonde. I put my food in the microwave, and it was wrapped in tin foil. It started to spark and then there was a few flames, and then I finally realized what I did. I told the elders and they laughed at me and said Canadians...

There was a sister who just returned home from Russia and she came with us to see some people.

Love you all,
Sister Bryana Parslow
Pic of Tiwi


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