August 3, 2015


Highland Ranch


Sister Gannon

Look out Highlands Ranch, this Canadian Girl doesn't know how to drive!

This week has been crazy! I had my last day with Sister Orro on Monday. She is back home. Her empty bed is right beside mine and every time I see it, I start to tear up. Tuesday, was transfers and I was going to be in a trio for the day with another greenie. My companion is Sister Gannon and from Idaho. We saw one of our investigator families and they are the best! They are so prepared, the sad part is, is that they have moved to Florida. Then the transfer train came back from the West side and got back to the mssion office around 9 pm. Saw Sister Chandler!! and Sister Smith, my 2nd trainer! She's actually in my district now. So now they have put 2 zones in 1, Littleton and Highlands Ranch, so my zone is huge!!! And Salt Lake is trying to take our cars away cause we are bad drivers, all thanks to Tiwi's. I've got 3 violations and so I'll probably won't drive next couple of transfers. Hahaha opps. There are so many people! Mom, I'm a big girl now and driving in the city! This week, I've really wanted to lock my companion in the bathroom and never let her out ;) On Friday, we had train the trainer meeting. Later that night, Sister Gannon wanted to talk to Sister Murdock so we were at their house. I was looking through their pics and saw a pic of JOSH and Myken. It was awesome. I was sitting on their couch and a centipede was in the carpet and I trapped it with a plastic cup and couple mins later it vanished!!! But then this guy comes walking through the front door and turns out he is touring his mission and we had a little chat but then another RM came into the house!!!!!! I was in heaven!!!!!!!! :P Long story short, I saved a bunny on Saturday.

Love you all,
Sister Bryana Parslow
In a memory of Sister Orro, theres a pic of us


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