July 13, 2015


Highland Ranch


Sister Johnson & Sister Orro

4 Months out and still alive :D

Missionary life is the best!! Even though I really don't like waking up at 6:30. It seriously feels like a sleepover 24/7 but your out serving Heavenly Father's children.

The Metro area has been full of smoke from Canada's forest fires this past week. It's been a crazy week, with Sister Orro injuring her back and going to see the chiropractor who is in our ward and is less active. We had dinner with this amazing family, we dropped Sister Orro off an hour earlier, and Sister Johnson and I went tracting. I DROVE!!!! It was so much fun. In our hour of finding, we taught 3 lessons. It was pretty cool.

On Thursday we had Zone Conference. It was amazing! The assistants to the President always give inspiring trainings, and their attractive so of course I pay attention ;) hahahahaha :D We then had dinner with an investigator Deb, who isn't in our ward but requested us. Her daughter was baptized 2 years ago and she just started serving her mission right now. But I have to tell you one of my embarrassing moments this week. As we were going to Deb's house I mixed up one number in the address, and so we were walking to this house that we thought is was hers, I grabbed the newspaper and started swinging it around, looking like a dork always, ringing the doorbell like crazy. As I was doing this, I started to feel like this was the wrong house, and like 5 mins later we found out it was the wrong house, so I quietly put the newspaper down and we gracefully booked it to the car. I had a weird dream Thursday morning, I was with my companions and I was holding a picture of Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist and we were by a intersection and this guy dressed as Jesus with a baby doll face mask running around. It was so weird.

Saturday, we decided to go on spilts, to find more people. So I was with Sister Johnson, and we knocked on this door and a lady just invited us in. We taught her lesson one (the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ). I was reading the first vision and looking right in her eyes, and the spirit was so overwhelming and I wanted to cry. Her eyes were watery so she did feel the spirit, and I invited her to be baptized and she said she'll think about it. Yesterday, Sister Orro went to our ward while Sister Johnson and I went to a different ward (Daniel's Park Ward), I drove again. We had an investigator Deb who was going to that ward for a farewell talk cause she knew Sister Courney who is going on a mission, and actually Courtney and Deb's daughter are best friends and their missions are 45 mins apart. Last night we went to an ex-member but will be baptized in January! They live right beside the mountains so it was good seeing them again and they gave us Colorado license plates. :) This week we will be going out of our mission boundaries :D but you will have to tune in next week to find out why. ;)

Love you all,
Sister Bryana Parslow


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