July 27, 2015


Highland Ranch


Sister Orro

DAUGHTER #2!!!!!!!!!

I Can't believe it's transfers tomorrow!! I'll be taking over my area. I'll also be a trainer, fresh from the MTC. Last day to be with Sister Orro, she's going home this week!! I'm going to miss her.

Not much to say but I guess President will be transferring a lot of missionaries, I guess he wants to change things up. Saturday, we went to the assistants baptism and President was there, he then told us the news. Then one of our investigators was getting married to a member and we went to their wedding. Later that night, we went to an investigator family and they are going through a hard time. They are moving to the east coast. The mother told us some of her amazing experiences that there is God.
I'll share one of them. After saying goodbye to her best friend, who had stomach cancer and left small kids behind, she found out the she had cancer on her stomach and intestines and around that area. After surgery, her surgeon came out, followed by 5 doctors. His head was down, looking at the floor and he told her, they just removed a scar. Just a simple scar. And she had tested positive for cancer. She had so much faith in Heavenly Father, that He healed her.
I do know that he is here. There are so many miracles in my life and all I can say is that there is a God and He loves each one of us so very much. Each one of us has these small miracles every single day so my invitation to all of you is to look for them.

Love you all so much.
Sister Bryana Parslow <3


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