July 20, 2015


Highland Ranch


Sister Orro


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Hey guys! :)

A lot of miracles happened this week. I received Andrew and Megan's wedding invitation! It made me tear up a little bit.Monday, we went into the mountains with Sister Earl (we live with her) and showed us some awesome places. Sister Orro and I went on a little hike around some red rocks and took pics and on our way down we came across attractive guy and guess what I did?! I fell and he was like are you ok? Of course I said yeah. We both laughed. As we continued down the mountain, Sister Orro told me that my fall was the most graceful fall she has ever seen and so we both laughed and continued running down the trail. On Wednesday we found out something that happened to one of our investigators in the Highlands Ranch area. This is an amazing miracle that I'll tell you.
Her name is Deb Luck. Her daughter was baptized about 2 years ago and just left on her mission. Deb was mad at the church for taking her daughter away from her and she was mad at one of her daughter friends, Courtney. Two Sundays ago, it was Courtney's farewell. Deb came, so we went on splits so we could be with her. She was so angry during sacrament but when Courtney was speaking, all of the anger went away and started crying during it. She went home after sacrament and she went to her bed crying and all of a sudden felt so loved and had this amazing experience. Also she's been listening and of course reading the Book of Mormon and knows that it is true! So she will be baptized in a couple of months, so that's exciting! :) On Friday, we went into the North mission area cause Sister Orro needed to see someone. On our way back we took a wrong exit and went all around downtown Denver. It was pretty cool. Then we had exchanges and I took over our area. It was good. Saturday evening, we had the Westridge Ward party thing at a park. We went there, instead of playing 3 legged race, we did 4, and we won!!!!!! We prayed first before the race, so we had Heavenly Father on our side. We crashed at the finish line and it was so funny, theres an awesome pic of it. Missions are the best!

Love you all,
Sister Bryana Parslow


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