June 10, 2019


Cole Bay, St. Maarten


Kimmie Hamner

Group email #42

Hello Everyone!
So this week has been great! So Sister Hamner went to Guadeloupe for a few days and it was just Sister Fiso and I, it felt weird and quiet haha. We saw so many miracles though, so we decided to go meet people on this super narrow and busy hill and part way up it seemed a little remote and had a lot of men so we turn and cross the street. We contacted a house and we thought we were being ignored, no she had her radio on so we call up one more time and she invites us up. She is an older lady and she pulls out chairs and her granddaughter comes and joins. They were both so nice and her granddaughter had so many questions that can be answered with the Book of Mormon. The spirit was really strong and I was so grateful that the Lord directed us to them!
Another miracle happened, our appointment to do service with our friend Krystal fell through so we stopped by the Barry's, ( wonderful members) and we decided to contact their street, we pass by a business looking house. The man- Elvison invites us to check out his foundation, he helps the poor, needy and recovering addicts in St. Maarten. We offered our help and we went back with the Elders, Elder Graves and Wilson and sang hymns, shared scriptures and played games with them all. It was wonderful to see others working through their trials in a healthy way and to see how many of them desired to know Jesus Christ better. I felt the spirit so strongly there and am grateful for the wonderful service people give that isn't always recognized. On Sunday our friends came to church, Sharry, Ruth and Francisco! I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve others. I want to encourage you to pray and then look for opportunities to serve others, I promise it will bless you and others lives.
I love to hear from you all, please keep me up-dated! Love you all
Sister MacDonald


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