March 4, 2019


Haggatt Hall - Barbados


Sister Morgan

Group email #30

Hello everyone!

So I have some bitter- sweet news, transfer calls just came my time on Barbados is up for now. I am so sad to be leaving this wonderful island especially because all of the wonderful people I have come to love. I have been called to serve on St. Maartens, with two French speaking missionaries. They speak English as well but we will be able to have the flexibility of speaking both language hooray. I am so very excited for this call because Sisters have not been on ST. Maartens since the hurricane that destroyed a lot of the island. President Fisher has again said that it is time sisters go and serve there, because they need sisters to minister and help the church grow. I am so honored to get to open an island for sisters!
Here I have been learning to make all sorts of Guyanese food from roti to fried rice and let me just say, the Guyanese do it right! I am going to miss my dear companions I have really grown close to them by serving the Lord. Sister Fauver and Morgan are so talented in many ways and both have such strong faith in Jesus Christ. The way they love serve and help others shows me how strong their faith in Jesus Christ really is. Sister Fauver is trained in Sign Language and we decided to organize a class. We had 5 people there, which honestly I was so happy about, as we taught the class we all had a great time! The next day we had fast and testimony meeting which was so wonderful and a member got up and shared something so special, he is deaf but can partially hear. Talking back and forth with others has always been a bit of a struggle but he shared that recently his hearing has been declining. this has made it even harder to communicate with others and he has felt like "he has been in the dark." Then he said God answered his prayers through the Sign Language classes. He said that a new light has come into his life and he knows God truly works through others to bless us.
I truly have seen this in my own life and others as i have been serving a mission. Our prayers are not always answered when or how want but they are answered. God loves us so much, and he loves when we communicate the desires of our hearts.

I love all of you and encourage you to pray sincerely and openly with God I know he will answer!

Love Sister MacDonald


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