August 27, 2018


St. Phillip - Six Cross Roads, Barbados


Sister Blomquist

Group Email #8

Hey Everyone! 

This week has been so good! I am loving my companion Sister Blomquist, she is soo funny, we were driving and she as like you know what I feel like we are.. Nuns, sweaty nuns. We always look so gross but it's all good. I then proceeded to choke on my water, it was really funny. We are goofballs together but she is so kind and a really great missionary haha. It has been so rainy and then scorching here due to hurricane season but it is all good. That SPF 60 comes in to save me! I have really been enjoying the work, it took a couple weeks but I feel settled now and so excited about the work! This week I told myself every time I go contacting and talk to people that I would imagine that they were my brother or mom or friend and it helped relax me and I had a stronger desire to share my testimony with them. I am really starting to love the people here in Barbados, even the ones that ignore us. They are all God's children and we have met so many interesting and cool people! A miracle happened this week, SIster Blomquist and I have been teaching the Sobers family and they said they would try their best to make it to church. We were so sad when they didn't come but I was happy to hear Sis. Blomquist speak on faith and her amazing testimony. Right as she finished they walk in 20 minutes late and I lit up, I was happy they came! The Branch members were so kind to them and they said they really felt the spirit at church hooray! We had been praying each night and even called Trevor in the morning and our prayers were answered! They are so awesome, they have a sheep, chickens, 5 dogs, cats and a turtle. I truly love their house and them! I have truly felt God's hand in my life, guiding and protecting us as we serve. God is sooo good! I am short on time this week but I wish you all the best. 

Thank-you so much for the emails I am slowly getting to all of them, the internet is on a off here but I love hearing from all of you and than-you for your prayers! 

Please write me I would love to hear from you.


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