March 12, 2018


St. Phillip - Six Cross Roads, Barbados


Selina Unga

Group email #5

Hello everyone,

I was in the mission office today and couldn’t log into my emails for 45 minutes. I said a prayer and somehow it worked first try. So yeah prayer is powerful haha. Anyways Sis Unga and I are running in the mornings trying to be all healthy. We were 20 minutes away from our house and I catch my foot on something, twist my ankle real bad and fall into the grass - quite the sight! A lady comes running up to help and long story short I was like I think it’s broken. 4 days later here I am doctor’s appointment and X-rays and it’s not broken just fractured. Hahaha! So I am now sporting a half cast and crutches. I am in a bit of pain but trying hard to be positive. Tomorrow I go to see a specialist I’ll keep you posted.

This week has been a bit rough - just mostly the uncertainty of everything. Everyone has been so kind and I’m well taken care of. But yeah and eventful week. A really cool thing happened this week during personal study. I was experiencing a great deal of pain, discomfort and discouragement as we we couldn’t go out and contact and find souls to teach. We also struggled to keep our appointments with my recent accident. I said a prayer asking Heavenly Father to to help me have a better attitude and for comfort. I then opened up Alma 17:10-11. It was a direct answer to my prayer. I felt an overwhelming rush of the spirit and Heavenly Father’s love for me. The Book of Mormon is truly powerful and we can receive revelation by praying then by reading . I am not 100percent sure what will happen but I’ll update you guys when I know. But I am doing well.

This morning we took a little road trip to a beach called Bathsheba, it is absolutely gorgeous. We met a funny guy named Sea Cat who surfs here in the world championship Surf - he was really nice and humorous. The island has amazing beaches and jungle, it truly is paradise. Please email me I love getting the updates from back home. Love and miss you all.

Sis MacDonald


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