February 15, 2018

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Grace Fletcher

Grace's Email to Brooklyn and Response

Dear Brooklyn,

I am so happy that you are going on a mission and that you are going to teach people the gospel! I think about you a lot, and when I remember that you are going to be a missionary, I get really exited for you and all of the people you are going to help. I turned fourteen on January 18th and recently became a Mia Maid. We are learning how to be the light of god in other people’s lives, and it has really strengthened my testimony to know that you care so much about being a light in other people's lives, that you chose to go on a mission and help other people find peace in christ. Our youth theme this year is “learn of me and listen to my words. Walk in the meekness of my spirit and you shall have peace in me.” I really love this because it shows that Jesus loves us and came here to show us the way to eternal happiness and help us learn how to be closer to Heavenly Father. I am so proud to be your cousin, and i am so happy that one of my favourite people in the world is going on a mission. You are going to bless so many peoples lives! You have to email me when you go to Barbados. I would love to hear all of the interesting stories and beautiful places you have encountered, i also really hope that you will tell me of all the people that you have taught and hope to teach. I love you so much and I can’t wait to see you again. B

Love, Grace

Aww! That is awesome 14, stake dances! I love that you are trying to help others and be a light to them! Mia maids is awesome! I love Barbados, the people are so nice but a little crazy but good! I already love the mission, helping others come closer to Christ really does bring peace and happiness to me because others can experience it to through the gospel. I was just thinking about you the other day, i can't wait to hear about how you are doing and in 18 months we can hang out and I can tell you all about the mission. I love hearing from you, send pictures and details! I hope you are doing awesome and keep being a good example! Have an awesome week Grace!


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