October 17, 2016


Casa Blanca


Hermana Diamond

Chicken soup - brains and all!

Hello fans,

Back at cha again! Wow this week was insane!!! So many great and gross things happened this week. And I have lots of pics to show.

-So on monday we went to the famous cathedral with a few other sisters. We had like an hour tour and it was super legit!! Did you know...they have a wooden carving of the devil in the cathedral? This is the only cathedral that has a statue of the devil in the whole world! It was scary but super cool looking. They had lots of apostasy stuff in there like crowns and capes for all the saints and the papà. But it was still super cool to see all the arcitecture.

-We got to go out to eat with the doctor of the mission! Since my comp is the nurse, we get special things haha. We got to eat really good seafood--and I didnt get sick!!!! Whoooo hooo!!!! I got to eat really good grilled fish with rice and a salad. We also tried these oyester shots, soooo good. It was a nice treat.

-We went to teach a less active Blanca and her daughter Edith. Well, they usually offer us stuff to eat...and it`s always something gross. But we never say no because they are really poor. This time they gave us a soup. It had noodles and chicken and CHICKEN BRAIN. I saw it floating around and I wayy. I tried it and had to spit it out. So gross!!!! It tasted like squishy bloody meat. My comp snuck her brain in her backpack and gave it to stray dogs. The things you do in the mission because you love the people.

-Here`s a cool experience. We went knocking on doors one morning and we passed by this house. We both felt a little hesitant, but we decided to knock. This teenage kid, Marcos, came out and right when we started talking to him, I felt the spirit. This kid has been prepared!!! He was super nice and receiving. We had our first appointment with him and at the end we asked him that when he knows these things to be true would he like to be baptized. And he was like, well, I already know now that these things are true! It was the coolest thing ever!! I know that this kid is ready. It`s amazing that we just knocked on his door and he`s ready to be baptized!

-Ok last cool story. We found an inactive who`s a returned missionary. His name is Edinson. We taught him and he vented out the problems he`s been going through. He had bad experiences and turned cold. We listned and helped him out. We invited him to come to our stake conference the next day. And he came!! His first time in months he went to church. It was amazing!

I really am enjoying the mission. I LOVE these people. I love how they love me and it breaks my heart that I probably won`t ever see these people again until the next life. I know this church is true without a doubt in my heart. I love being a missionary. And i love you all!!! Have an amazing week and until next time!!

--Hermana Kirk


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