June 13, 2016


Mollendo, Peru


Hermana Calderon

Weddings, baptisms, and alpaca sweaters!! (Alternate title "Oh yes, that's a giant volcano!")

Dear fam bam,

Ok scratch last week, THIS week was probably the most craziest week of my life. I traveled so much and so many miracles happened. Ok here we go...

-On monday and tuesday we were in arequipa for my comp`s doctor`s appointment. We got to stay with President at his house. In the morning he cooked us breakfast! Like super good AMERICAN FOOD. We died. We went to the appointment and got home at like 10pm. Then the next day I went to Camanà for divisions with our hermana leaders. I got to stay with Hermana Atencio from Lima. Literally she`s like me but peruvian! We had a blast.

-Milagros`s wedding and baptism are this saturday! She had her interview and she is good to go! I`ve never seen a stronger testimony, she really has a rock solid testimony and she is beyond happy to get married and get baptized. Everytime she thinks or talks about it she gets so emotional. Everyone in the branch is helping out and preparing for the big day!

-On sunday 4 of our investigators came to church! New record!!! We have a brother and sister with baptismal dates now and the brother came to church for the first time. 3 of our investigators are teenage boys who are all friends. They support eachother and are going to all of our noche misionales. Yesterday at church they all sat together and it was testimony meeting (because the last sunday people had to go vote for a president so we didn`t have church). One of our investigators William kept asking me about testimonies and all that. He asked, ¨do i have to be baptized to share my testimony?¨ I told him no, then he got up and bore his testimony!!! When we first met him, he wouldn`t even look us in the eyes he was so dang shy! But yesterday, he shared his testimony and said that he knows the book of mormon is true. Super powerful moment.

The mission is crazy. But it`s so amazing! I`ve seen so many changes in so many people and that`s because the Gospel really does change lives. It`s amazing to meet people and feel like you`ve known them your whole life. I love it when someone gives a prayer after a lesson and they pray for my family, people they have never met before.

Mom, the reception looked so beautiful and so fun! Pretty soon you`ll have to plan my reception..what, I didn`t say anything haha. I`m glad things are going well at work and thank you so much for sending me a package! Oh, I finally got my package from Nathan! He sent a Brazilian soccer jersey and a letter. It was pretty sweet. I hope you have another awesome week! I love you so much!

Lauren beebs, have fun at your workout class! That sounds way fun! We`ll have to work out together when I get back ok?? Cuz I have a little rice belly. Not that noticeable, but it`s there. I love you Lauren and I miss you so much!!! I hope you have a fantastic week!

Papá, (as they say in Perú) I`m so sorry that you crashed!! That must have hurt. Tienes que tener cuidado o vas a morir!!! Spanish homework. I hope everything is ok now. I wish you could be here to try the food. It`s very authentic and I`m sure you would love the spices. One day we`ll travel here. Cuz I have connections with my pensionistas!! I hope all is well and I`ll talk to you next week! love you!

Hermana Krap, Krack, Kork, Kierk, Kirk


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