December 14, 2015


La Joya, Peru


Hermana Amber Thornton

House Hunters International - On location in La Joya!

Mi Querida Familia,

Wow this week was!! We worked extremely hard this week. Lots of lessons, lots of stuff that we did, but it was a great week.

Ok first things first, Alex got baptized!! We are so happy! We only had a few people show up, but it was pretty awesome. He got confirmed yesterday and we passed by his house and asked him how is experience was and he said that it was EPIC! He is a teen of few words, so this made us feel really happy!

We also had our chocolatada in the plaza with the other missionaries from Pedregal. Mamita made 30L of hot chocoalte and we set up tables with Books of Mormon, sang songs and contacted people. Hermana Thornton and I contacted a family and they want us to come teach them! It was a super cool activity because people would jump off their moto cars and join in with us. Tons of kids came swarming in to hang out with us.

Another thing we´ve been doing is looking for a new room. We have to move rooms soon and so we´ve been searching high and low for a room. It´s kind of like House Hunters International! On saturday after the baptism, we looked for a few hours, and of course, we forgot our hats. So we got pretty dang burned. But, we found a few options, a cute purple house and a bright pink and orange house. We will let you know what we are going to choose.

Our investigator Katty is progressing really fast. We have been teaching her and we know that she KNOWS that this church is true. We had a super cool lesson with her and she told us that she knows that God has a plan for her. She said that it wasn´t just pure luck that she is living and working in La Joya far away from her family. She said she feels that she is here because God knew that she needed to hear this gospel and meet us! She has a baptismal date for 26 de Diciembre and so we are working hard with her to help her prepare for her baptism.

We have a new investigator named Yina! She was a reference from our friend Maritza in our branch. Maritza is the only member in her family and Yina is her younger sister who is 18 years old. She lives wayyy up in the mountains, but we found her house and taught her yesterday. She told us that she has seen the blessings in the life of her sister and she wants that happiness in her life too. We are so stoked and so excited to keep teaching her!

We taught relief society yesterday about the birth of Jesus Christ. We read the different stories about the wise men, sheperds, Mary, and Joseph. We told all of them to think of a gift that they can give to Jesus this Christmas and to write it down on a paper and keep it. It was a cool experience.

Lauren, wow i am so jelous!! i wished i could have seen cats!! i love that movie!!! im sorry that you have a ton of homework and tests. im excited to talk to you too!! i will let you know all the details later when we find out. our district leaders are going to call us and let us know all the details. i love you and i hope you have an awesome week! learn some spanish if you can!!

dad and mommmm, hermana thornton and i are awesome! we are super happy and working really hard. this was the first time that ive seen her in the field! she sent me letters while i was in the ccm and now we are finally together! i will let you know the details for skyping when i find out. our leaders have all the information, so dont worry. if you could send me my skype info that would be great! im still waiting for my package. every missionary is too because all the mail posts are on strike right now haha. im serious! its legit, but dont worry, hopefully we´ll get our stuff soon. i love you guys and i hope you have an awesome week!

Con amor,

Hermana Kirky


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