April 12, 2021




Sister Wright

season 2, episode 6: 'The Boonies'

So this email is gonna be pretty lame because I don't really feel like writing one. But gotta do it wohoo

On Monday, my roomies and I went and toured downtown Prescott more. We ended up finding this olive oil sampling place. It was super fun! I didn't know sampling olive oil was a thing.

We had a bunch of appointments fall through, and being blessed with free time is great. We ended up going door to door on this one street that looked like it had potential. We met a lady who was taking her cat for a walk and that was interesting.

We were assigned a name to visit by the bishop of our YSA ward, and saw that the person lived 30 minutes away in the middle of this Forrest. We lost reception pretty quick, and the sun was down. All of a sudden this MASSIVE deer lept in front of our car. My comp, being the Nascar southerner that she is, slammed the breaks and saved our lives. We ended up making it to the house, which was this cute little log cabin, and found that the YSA didn't even live there anymore. Instead, we met a kind old man with a handlebar mustache.

We had a cool lesson with our friend Bruce this week. We re-watched President Nelson's Sunday morning talk. Bruce is a big dude, retired truck driver. When the video was over, I looked at him and saw that he was totally in tears, and it caught me way off guard. Both my comp and I didn't say anything and the spirit just filled the room! It was super neat. He left promising that he had a renewed determination to read the Book of Mormon. It was awesome!

Also I got vaccinated pt 1. My arm hurt so bad.

Go tell someone you love them!!!


Pic: spot on the boonies where the deer attacked, Jesus bandaid on my vax, getting vaxed, javelinas are everywhere, olive oil sampling, purdy view


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