April 5, 2021




Sister Wright

season 2, episode 5: 'HOPPY Dayz'

Wow what an awesome week!! First off, the weather is insanely amazing! It feels perfect and all the trees are BLOOMIN! Lo siento to my missionary friends in Phoenix.

Monday ~ We went to the Prescott Zoo! It was interesting. One of the exhibits literally had a crow on display. Then we did an escape room for the YSA activity! It was themed off the restoration of the Gospel and we didn't get out on time.

From Tuesday on, we didn't get another lunch break in and barely stopped for dinner. It was so busy. We raked leaves for this sweet nonmember and then had 5 lessons in a row before dinner. Tuesday night, we met with this sweet old couple in our ward. We shared a scripture, and the old man started tearing up and said, "Honey that's it! That's the scripture for our tombstone!" It really caught me off guard.. but all good things!

One of the days this week we knocked on the door of someone who used to take lessons from the missionaries. They have a family of four and they all want to take the lessons again! We were standing on the front porch talking for so long, it literally went from day to night through the course of our conversation. At the end, I felt prompted to promise the family that as they learn, they will have a desire to be baptized. The dad said, "I think we will too." It was so cool!!!

Saturday and Sunday were even crazier. We watched the morning session of conference on Saturday with our district! We all crowded around a computer in the clerk's office, it was so fun! And watching conference with missionaries is like watching the super bowl with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. In between sessions on Saturday, our friend Amber was baptized!! There was SUCH a strong spirit! The first time she went under the water, she freaked out a little and kicked her foot up. I felt so horrible asking her to be baptized again, especially because her whole nonmember family was there watching, but I knew it would be worse if it had been done incorrectly. As I thought about this experience, I began to feel so much gratitude. Christ asks us to follow His example perfectly... and we get as many tries as we need to do so!

We got to watch the rest of conference with various people we are teaching. It was so powerful! It was my first time not falling asleep during any of the sessions!! I love watching people experience the light of the Gospel for the first time. I take so much for granted! And the prophet is the coolest.

I love you ALL! HAPPY EASTER!!

Sister Barton

Pics: spring here is amazin, conf in clerk's office, AMBER, cute message from someone we were trying to teach, egg painting!, best thing I saw at the zoo were the frogs on a plate.


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