March 29, 2021




Sister Wright

season 2, episode 4: 'Safe word: Whiskey'

This week was so good!

We got to explore downtown a little bit more! It kinda reminds me of radiator springs before Lightning McQueen got there... mixed with cowboy. There is a street here called "whiskey row" that is really popular...I'll let you guess what for... but its so cute here!

I had some of the best and worst food of my life this week. One of our members gave us coupons to Carl's Jr, Dairy Queen, and Arbys. My companion is determined to use all of these coupons. I've just accepted the fact that my tummy is gonna hurt. Also, a person we are teaching made us beef jerky!! So so sweet, but he is also a HEAVY smoker. That stuff reeked!! He wanted us to try it in front of him, so we both kinda forced it down. The minute we turned the corner my companion lost her lunch if ya know what I mean lol. But I also ate at some fun places in town so all good things.

Also, we did SO much service this week. We had such a cool experience that started with us cleaning out this lady's yard. She has a hard time throwing stuff away, and she also has 3 dogs. It looked like a new place when we finished! And on our way out, we had three of her neighbors stop us and ask if we could serve them sometime! It was awesome!

Also! On fast Sunday, one of the people we are teaching surprised us and shared his testimony! When he first got to the pulpit, he said "Hi Sisters!!" and waved at us lol. It was so cute. But he bore SUCH a powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon! I don't know how anyone could think that the Book of Mormon isn't the word of God.

Finally... we got some tough news this week about someone we are teaching. My companion looked at a picture of Jesus and said "How does He do it? How does He love people when He knows everything?" I felt that was so profound. There is nothing we can do to descend deeper than Christ's infinite and all-encompassing love for each of us. He knows you and loves you perfectly!

I love you all! Have a good one!

Ur fav reassigned Herman

Pics: one of the people we are teaching made me a shirt!, Downtown Prescott pics, service, the infamous jerky.


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