March 15, 2021




Sister Wright

season 2, episode 2: 'Friendly Neighborhood Herman'

Hola amigos.

So Preskitt is the most unique place I've ever been in my life. We cover a YSA ward and a family ward, so our area is huge. There are some massive homes (one of our members bought her home from the Bachelor!) and then there are so so many trailer parks. I just love it!

We got so much snow this past week. It is so cold here. We had to do a lot of our lessons outside because some of the homes don't have room for us to gather inside. So I got so sick lol. But missionaries don't get sick.

We got a call from a guy named Derek this week and he said "so I've been thinking about getting baptized, but I think I'll wait till it's a little warmer." And I was like *NO WAY* "Derek we have indoor fonts!" And he said "right on then let's do it." So we put him on date for later this month! Such a crazy miracle! He is so much fun to teach. He loves the Book of Mormon. On Sunday he showed up a 1/2 hour early to church! He is the best!

Another person we are teaching is this guy named Jo. He is from south Korea, so he has a really hard time understanding the old English used in the scriptures. And because he doesn't have a religious background, he doesn't understand it in Korean either. We have been really working to break down the scriptures for him. I ended up relating Lehi's dream to the BYU v USC football game. They think I don't know a lot about my priestly duties and stuff, but I doooo. But I have loved how these lessons have pushed me to make the scriptures simple! The Gospel really is not complicated.

We also had dinner with a sister named Marty this week. Marty lives in a cute little trailer home. When we got there, this woman had prepared a FEAST. She had made multiple courses and didn't really eat herself because she was serving us so much. When we left, she sent us off with a TON of leftovers. On our way out, she followed us and walked to her neighbors house. Her neighbor's home had no windows and the wood was pretty rotted. She gave her neighbor the rest of the leftovers and then waved us off with the best smile! I could not believe the generosity of this woman. I feel wayy too lucky to be surrounded by people who teach me what Christ must've been like when He was on this earth.

God is soo good! I hope you all have the best week!!

Hermana Bartholomew


Pics: the houses here are so so cute. Calling home to celebrate tagg! We made a Jesus wall and Dutch bros is SO good. Had to say adios to my comps.


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