March 8, 2021


North Phoenix


Sister Brooks & Sister Duncan

season 2, episode 1:'Prescott like Biscuit'

Hello all my dear friends!!

This week was absolutely wild. Here is what happened:

On Monday, we had a lesson with an inactive family. My Brother Tagg sent a talk to me a while ago, and my companions and I decided to share that talk with this family. We asked them if they had listened to it, and they told us they were listening to it everyday multiple times a day!! They loved it!! I was able to testify to them that God's work is still rolling, despite the pandemic. The spirit was so strong!! Their friend that was visiting overheard our conversation, and asked us after if she and her daughter could start meeting with us!!

We also were finally able to meet with our friend Roy and his wife Sue! Sue had us sit down and she just unloaded about all the trials she has encountered this past month. I couldn't think of what to say in response, so I just asked her if she'd heard of the Book of Mormon. We read a few verses together, and she said that she wanted to start doing studies with us!! It was awesome.

Also, I met a sister in our ward named Monica Harmon. Turns out she is like my 2ndish cousin and knows my Aunt Tevya from school! Kinda cool

On Friday, we had interviews with President! President asked me and my companions to come in for a quick pre-interview. At this time, he told us that I'd be leaving for Prescott on Monday! It totally surprised me, especially since Sister Duncan and I became comps 2 weeks ago and there are still 3 weeks left in the transfer. We ended up making crepes that night.

Sister Eyre took us to breakfast Saturday morning and that was so so fun. We had two different service projects, 4 members appointments, and 1 lesson. It was so much harder than I thought it'd be to say bye. Jeff took the news hard, and he gave me one of his plants that he had named "Fred." Sunday was even harder and even busier. During our dinner appointment, a little girl in our ward put notes all over my car door. She said that I'd inspired her to serve a mission! I didn't realize how much of a home this place has become to me! I love this area way too much. It is gonna be so so hard to leave!

I love you all!! Have the best week!! You are #1


(Also I met so many farm animals this week. #cowboy)


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