March 1, 2021


North Phoenix


Sister Brooks & Sister Duncan

season 1, episode 20: 'Uri the Trainer who Trains'

Hello all, and welcome to the exciting and long-anticipated season finale! This week:

So I'm in a trio now!! We have a new companion named Sister Duncan (not as in "Dunkin Donuts") who we are co-training! It has been such a wild ride squeezing another person into an apartment that already has 4 people in it. But it works!! We have 3 beds in our lil room. Lucky me got bottom bunk! I call it the "bart-cave."

Also we had zone Conference! I was able to reunite with Elder Ballard again (not the apostle, my cousin). There was a pretty big theme of our individual relationships with God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. President Erye made the comment: "Become someone who wants and is comfortable with Heavenly things."

I had the opportunity to read the First Vision with a friend in his garden this week, and the spirit was SO strong! There is so much power in that account!! How lucky are we to know of the incredible and personal relationship that we can have with each member of the Godhead.

Also also...our Bishop invited us over this week so that he could introduce us to his new steer: Russell. Bishop named Russell after the prophet, Russell M. Nelson. I just love the faithful members of AZ.

On Sunday, as we were doing our studies, one of our members came up to us and asked for our help. He explained that there was a homeless man wandering the halls. The member wanted to go home, so he asked if we could take care of it. It took about an hour to finally get this guy to leave. He kept saying it was too windy to light his cigarette outside lol. It was so funny.

Anywho, that was my week. Stay tuned for next season. Hope everyone has an incredible March!!

I love you! But Jesus loves you best!!

Herman Bart

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