February 22, 2021


North Phoenix


Sister Brooks

season 1, episode 19, 'Lewis and Clark'

Hey all!! So good week! Here's what happened:

I got a new mattress!! My old mattress was kinda like a hammock, but not in a comfy way. I feel like I'm on a cloud now. Its almost too comfy that it's hard to sleep. #goodlifeprobs

As missionaries, we aren't allowed to have candles. My roomies and I found a solution = pour candle wax into a frying pan and heat it up! Anywho, had some karma and the frying pan caught on fire. Not sure how that happened. But we've learned our lesson.

Halfway through the week, our sim card stopped working. This was just a disaster. We grabbed dinner from the wrong family and navigating around was an uphill battle. We couldn't contact anyone, and we had so many appointments set up. It was very stressful.

After we were studying all day at the church on Friday, we came out to the car and found that someone had shot our back window with a beebe gun. That was a bummer. We taped it up tho and we should be good to go!

Saturday night, we had another meeting with Roger. We weren't able to confirm with Roger because we didn't have our sim card still, so he thought we were intruders. It scared us half to death because he came out with his gun (not pointed at us) but he quickly realized it was just his friendly neighborhood hermans. We had such a great lesson with him though! We talked about Christ's ministry in the Americas and he is so excited to read in 3 Nephi!!!

Sunday was so good. All of the members call us the "sister elders." This cute old man gave a talk about how much he loves the Sister elders, and he gave us way too much credit. It was such a tender mercy after the wild week we'd had. That night, we had to last-minute film a video for our Facebook page. We were trying to do it this one way, but nothing was working out. We prayed for a little and decided to reach out to a sister in our ward and asked if she would share her conversion story. Everything fell into place within less than an hour! As we interviewed her, she shared the most powerful experience and testimony. There was such an incredible spirit in the room. I know that God's ways are infinitely better than our own. We couldn't stop His work if we tried. Trust in Him!


Love hermana batman

Pics: film crew, unthawing our frozen sandwiches, burritos in the wind, fixed window, I got a pic of a bird flying, mattress in a box!


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