February 15, 2021


North Phoenix


Sister Brooks

season 1, episode 18:'That's Amore ☺💖'

My heart doth swell exceedingly. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. All my love and friendship to all y'all. What a great week.

So wednesday... I saw Jimmy (my cousin)! He is truly an astounding missionary. If only we could all reach the level of consecration at which Elder Ballard lives.

We decided to heart attack a bunch of people for Valentines. We were attacking (not literally) this one family that has been super inactive in the church. I guess we were a lil loud cause they caught us. We were so surprised because they were so quick to invite us in. They ended up telling us everything that has happened to them this past year and all the hardships they've had. I think they really needed to talk about it all with someone. They kept asking if we could keep coming back to visit! Milagro! Hopefully we can get them back where they need to be!

We also visited Roger again. As we were sitting on his front porch, we heard something coming up to us from the road. It was Clay - an 83 year old man who rides his bright red moped around town with the most amazing goggles you have ever seen. Roger and Clay were about 7 feet from each other, but neither could hear the other at all. They ended up yelling random stuff at each other for a solid 10 mins, until Clay yelled "time to go!" After which he sped off at about 1 mph.

At one of our dinners this week, one person invited their girlfriend who is not a member of our faith. She was asking sis Bro and I all sorts of questions the minute we stepped in the door. At the end of the evening, we shared a brief message about having the faith to reach out to Christ. She was super emotional and asked us if we could meet up to talk sometime! Hurra!

Sunday was so funny. We invited all of our friends to watch Sis Bro and I speak at sacrament. Roger has had some serious health issues, so we did not expect to see him. Before the meeting began, he pulled up in his big ol pick up truck and cowboy hat to give sis bro and I corsages! It was so sweet. Then Pedram, who has been lowkey ignoring us, walked into the chapel and sat down in the very back! We were freaking out because the meeting was about to start and we wanted him to feel welcomed. Then, three of the members in our ward walked up to him and had Pedram sit between all of them! They all exchanged numbers and are planning on hanging out! There are some people out there who are literally so amazing!! I felt so grateful to those members who were SO aware of the needs of those around them!!

I love the quote by John Newton: "How unspeakably wonderful to know that all our concerns are held in hands that bled for us." I hope you all know how much your Savior loves you, and how perfectly He knows you.

Me voy ahora. Adiós

Herman Bart💓💖💞💜💟❣💌

Pics: We had to say bye to sis Stokes, who is now and forevermore an RM. Also, looks like I wore my orange shirt one too many times this week.


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