February 9, 2021


North Phoenix


Sister Brooks

season 1, episode 17: 'Oogway Ascends'

Hello! I'm done with my training. I no longer have a trainer. Training wheels are gone. Here was my week......

Monday Sis Bro was not feeling the best. We got permission to get priesthood blessings from the elders! I feel so grateful for the comfort and peace I receive when I get a blessing! I know God is so mindful of everyone, because I know He is so mindful of me!

Tuesday was whack. We were at Jeff's for service. A very strange man named Philip is living with him as a temporary roommate. Philip is very interesting, he told sis Bro and I that his name means "lover of horses." Hopefully that paints a picture for ya. But Jeff had us plant a couple of mango trees which was fun!

Wednesday morning we woke up extra early because President asked us to get rid of our couch. Couches in apartments=not productive missionaries! We sit on the floor now which is funny.

Thursday sis bro and I were called by one of the bishops and told that homeless men have been breaking into the church, so we shouldn't go there. We were at the church when we got this call. We decided to barricade the primary room doors with chairs. Later that night, we had another Bible study with Erica. We read her a few Book of Mormon verses and she loved them!! We invited her to the YSA activity and she was so excited!!! We also got a call from a member.

Friday I can't remember what happened.

Saturday! A friend we are trying to teach asked us to come over and clean her house! It was so great! I just had the best time scrubbing away. I kid you not, they had a solid inch (my comp thinks more) of burnt, hardened grease stuff on their stove top. I worked on that thing for a solid 30 mins. When I was finished, her husband thought it was a new stove! But the whole time we were cleaning, our friend asked us all these amazing questions about the Plan of Salvation and all those goodies! She had no idea that there were alternatives to an after life that weren't reincarnation! It was just so cool. She wants us to come back every week!

Sunday. Everyone says how hard it is to be away from home during Christmas, but no one talks about Superbowl Sunday. We were able to have dinner with inactive members, and it was awesome! They didn't know it was fast Sunday, and they had planned on cooking and talking for a while. It was tough. The first thing they had ready was egg salad. Sis Bro and I went to town on that. Let me tell ya.. empty stomach and egg salad do no go well together. We were both pretty sick. But I am so grateful for the opportunity to fast. The Lord loves effort! We show effort when we fast!

Monday we were asked to clean a members home. Sis Bro and I are pro cleaners at this point. We decided we are going to clean houses full time when we get home. We had dinner with an older sister in our ward that night. She lives alone, and was way excited when we got there. She made this REALLY good meal! We had such a great time, when we were about to leave, she told us it was her birthday. That just broke my heart! I felt so moved that she had decided to serve the missionaries on her birthday! I read a talk this week where it said that the Character of Christ is to turn outward. Christ turns out where you and I would turn in. I am so grateful for who He was, and that I get to spend a lifetime learning of Him.

I'm here for another transfer with sis bro!! Hope you all have a great week!!

Pics! The one with the dude with the dark hair is Philip. The guy with the light hair is Jeff.


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