February 1, 2021


North Phoenix


Sister Brooks

season 1, episode 16: 'Cake Boss'

Hola (hello) everyone!!

So this week I hit a peak accomplishment. In one of our wards, there are only a few couples that are 60+ in age. As you can imagine, it has been a constant pursuit of mine to be included in this elite group. This week, my comp and I did just that. We got a call from brother mosley inviting us to their "empty-nesters" club! We had an invigorating conversation about the type of asphalt used on the freeway.

In other news, My comp and I had a stressful day on Tuesday. That night, we hopped on a call with our ward mission leaders. I was trying to explain how things were going with one of our friends, and ended up saying: "So I guess all the corn's on the table!" The whole conversation paused for a hot minute, and the one of the brothers on the call asked, "Sister Barton is that a real phrase?" To which I had to reply: "no."

On wednesday.... we were able to have our Bible study with Erica!! (The girl we met biking). It went so well! We had it with a couple in one of our wards who are both RMs. At one point, Erica said, "I wish there was a place you could go to and just feel the presence of God so strong, like visiting His house." All missionaries in that room, past and present, just lit up at that moment! So cool!

One couple in our ward asked us to come over for dinner Thursday night! When we got there, they told us they are pregnant!! She has only known for a week, and they were dying to tell someone, so they told the sisters!!

If you were able to watch episode 8 of this season, you would remember Raul! Incredible man with so much faith! Saturday he was baptized!! My Spanish is still trash, but I was able to understand a good amount of what was said at the service! It was so cool though. I love watching people's reaction when they come back out of the water! Raul just stood where he was for a minute and wept. The spirit was so strong!!

Also on saturday! We went to Sister Daly's house. We found out that it was Elder Burleson's birthday, and every year since he can remember, his mom has made him a black forrest cake for his birthday. Sister Daly happens to be a retired executive chef from Kneaders. This woman is intense, her children literally refer to her as "chef." We whipped up a freakin amazin black forrest cake for Elder B. It was so fun! We gave it to him that evening, and as we showed him the cake he started crying! It was heartwarming indeed.

Well that's it. Lots of short stories for y'all. I was told this week by a very wise individual, "God trusts you, why don't you trust Him?" I think that learning to put our trust in God is one of the most important steps in our eternal progression. I love in Moroni 7:33 where it says, "If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me." I know that the tomb is empty! As we have faith in Christ, we will be given power to accomplish great things!!

All my love!!
Herman Bart

Pics: cake pics, elder burleson seeing cake, elder burleson happy w cake, me and Raul at baptism


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