January 25, 2021


North Phoenix


Sister Brooks

season 1, episode 15: 'Tour de Arizona'

Que onda buey????

Good week!

We started teaching a new person!! His name is Pedram. He is originally Muslim (we can teach him tho) but has since become a Christian, but he also believes in reincarnation. We have called him every night this week to teach him the plan of salvation, and he is pretty receptive! He sometimes confuses me with his insights, but I'm really excited about him!

So every night, we cross this pedestrian bridge over the freeway to get around our area (it is split in half by the freeway). We always have to go through this mini desert to get to the bridge, and it's kinda funny because you cant really see anything and there isn't really a trail. For this reason, we move pretty slow. On Tuesday, we were trying to bike through and didn't realize we'd lost reception. It was past 9:30 and our roommates were freaking out. There was a mini search party, so when we came biking around the corner singing "proud to be an American," we were greeted by some unhappy members.

On Wednesday I decided to do some family history work in hopes that I would see a miracle! That night, we were trying to deliver treats we had made for members. We biked to this one house, but when we arrived we realized we were on the wrong side of the mountain. We were debating if we should try to ride to the other side, when a person came down the mountain. It was this girl who was hiking at night alone. We ended up talking to her for a while, and she explained that she had met with missionaries in the past! That morning, she had gone to Walmart, bought a Jesus candle, and prayed to God that she'd find purpose! Long story short, we are meeting with her this week for a Bible study!! Family history miracles are the best. (Said like nacho libre).

Two more lil things:

-We met with Roger again. He kept saying he is grateful for the "LSD" church and how much we serve our communities. Took me a min to catch on.

- FINALLY.. we met with two members this week that were having a hard time. They both opened up to us so much and kept saying, "I dont know why I'm telling you all of this!" I just know that there is so much power when we stand as representatives of Christ. I cannot believe the tender mercies I've experienced as I've sought to emulate Him.

Love always,
Herman Bart


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