January 18, 2021


North Phoenix


Sister Brooks

season 1, episode 14: 'Pushing on a Pull Door.'

Hey there friends, family, and distinguished faculty.

This week! Zone conference! It was so amazing. For my goal this week, I decided to work on being more confident in sharing my testimony. Let me tell ya... this was the wrong week for that goal. I was asked multiple times to "share my impressions" and I don't think I formed a single, coherent thought. Nonetheless, it was still such a powerful conference! There was a great theme of "doing good." Someone shared: "welcome the interruption brought on by another's needs."

We got a call from a member in our ward this week asking if we could come over for a service project. When we got there, this man placed his computer in front of me and asked me to fix it. He couldn't get his stylus to work with his computer, and another member recommended that he consult Sister Barton. Apparently, because I am from California, it is assumed that I am a tech wizard. So there I was. I just Googled the problem and then was able to get his stylus working through following instructions. This man was so impressed. At church on Sunday, all the members referred to me as "Tech Support." Hopefully they realize that without Google, I'm pretty useless lol

On Friday, we met with Roger again! We can't go inside his house due to various rules, so we had a front porch meeting again. He brought out little chairs for us and a mini heater. The heater wouldn't work, and he said, "You know I am convinced this is the work of the devil." We had such a great conversation about the restoration and the importance of authority from God. He is just way cool. I was wearing sandals and he insisted that I borrow his socks to wear over my sandals so I could stay warm. He said next visit he will try to make us hot chocolate!

Well that was my week. Very good stuff. I hope everyone has a great week!!!

Luv Herman Bart

We study outside(and free cookies for missionaries), Mercado de Los Cielos!, yummy food, Roger's house(taken with his permission)


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