January 11, 2021


North Phoenix


Sister Brooks

season 1, episode 13:'I Survived a Gas Explosion?!?!' (clickbait)

I hope all of you are so happy today!! So this week.....

•I had 2 celebrity encounters!! I got to refer a member to the amazing Sister Moala-Liava'a!!! (Shout out to my stover sisters!) We called quickly over video and it was just so fun. ALSO I got to meet with the incredible Jentry and Brian!! Need I say more!?!?

•I had 3 different people tell me that they could tell I was from LA because of my hair. I asked one of them if that was a good thing. They said "it depends." And that was that.

•We dropped off the rest of the scriptures to Benjamin this week. He told us how he has always felt like people and religions are trying to make him give up his Native American culture. Our church is the only one that has welcomed his culture!! This meant so much to him because there is so much beauty in his culture! We talked with him about the fact that we are all one in the culture of Christ! It was really awesome! He asked for an extra Book of Mormon to give to his friend in the half-way home!! He also wanted to say a prayer for us and it was so sweet hearing him talk to God.

•I put a post on Facebook this week asking if anyone wanted to pray with me! A woman from the Philippines responded, and we set up an appointment! While I was praying, she kept yelling "amen" and "yes Lord!" It was so fun. After the prayer, she broke down about how she had been contemplating suicide. She took our interaction as a sign from God that she needed to stay!!

•We met with Roger this week!! With all the different rules, we aren't allowed to go inside his house. Roger is living off of the most humble circumstances, but he was so quick to offer us so much. He grabbed both of our hands and said "Peace of Christ," and it was so sincere. My companion didn't have a coat, so he gave her his coat and wrapped himself in an extra t-shirt. He promised us that if anything were to ever happen to us, he would be there in 3 minutes! He recognizes that there was an apostasy, but doesn't understand that the church has been restored. We shared scriptures and talked about Christ. When we closed in prayer, he thanked God for sending him Angels! He has such a desire to know God, and I just love getting to talk to him!!

•FINALLY, On saturday, my comp was doing yoga and realized there was an off smell... she checked the water heater and there was a small gas leak. We called a bunch of people and were told to evacuate. We went to kneaders, got some croissants, and came back to see the damage. The thing was replaced and we are good to go! I gave Anthony (fixer friend) a bunch of candy. He was very excited! We have been asked to stop throwing our bikes on top of the water heater. We now have 4 bikes scattered in a very small apartment. I now get to live in the most exciting obstacle course!

Life is so good on the mish. I have really felt the power of sincere prayer this week. I know that God hears our prayers! He loves ya! I LOVE YA!

Have a merry january!!!

Love Herman Bart🤑🤠☀️🤩☺

Sorry y'all. Lame week for pics. Here is a SUPER low quality pic of my zone. We love loaner phones. #theytrash. #Iamwearingthegreenskirt.


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