January 4, 2021


North Phoenix


Sister Brooks

season 1, episode 12: 'Strawberry Daiquiri'

Great week! Hope everyone is enjoying 2021! What a time to be alive!!

So I have a new trainer....... SISTER BROOKS! She is the most incredible missionary! We have been having a grand ol time! I love the energy she brings to the work! It's gonna be a great transfer! It's kinda like a "blind leading the blind situation" again. She is new to this area and has been a missionary for a little over 4 months. I've been out for 1 transfer and am still learning the area myself, so leading the area has been funny. It's been interesting, but so fun to figure it out together!

On Thursday we went to Walmart to try and buy some sparkling cider for 'new years eve' festivities. The ONLY thing left was a non alcoholic strawberry daiquiri. It tasted kinda like cough syrup... was unique. Sis Brooks, myself, and the two other sisters that we live with were all able to countdown to 10:30 together! We actually had a few members text us "happy new year" at 10:30 which really added to the magic. Its gonna be an awesome year!!

On New Years Day, elder Burleson asked me to lead a "get to know you" activity for the new district. I brainstormed with my roommates, and decided to play spin the bottle! (But asking questions version) . And since we had leftover strawberry daiquiri (non-alcoholic)... I brought that! When I arrived at District council, I discovered that president Eyre had decided to join our meeting! I couldn't think of an alternate activity, so we played spin the bottle, with a strawberry Daiquiri, with President. As I explained the activity, president said "You know I have every confidence in Sister Barton as a missionary." Glad to know that I am leaving the right impression on this mission! Good stuff

On Saturday the Loftins invited us over for lunch and made us Chicken Tiki Masala! Then, sister Jackson called us and asked us to stop by her cookie store called "sweeteez." She gave us four MASSIVE cookies and two drinks that were about the size of a small child. We gave the cookies away, but the drinks were unconquerable. I had to pour mine down the sink :(

Finally I shall get spiritual-> We had a zoom call with a recent convert named Will! He told us that this has been a hard year for him financially, but he decided to pay his tithing anyways. His wife is not a member, so this was a huge sacrifice for their family. The day after he paid his tithes, he got a call offering him a promotion! While paying tithing doesn't always result in an immediate miracle like that, it is still so incredible how much the Lord blesses us for being faithful in small ways.

We also got a referral for a Book of Mormon drop off! We drove to the half-way home where he lived and gave it to a friend named Benjamin. When we gave it to him, he started asking us a bunch of questions while holding the book super tight against his chest. I could tell it was so special to him, and it was an incredible reminder to me of how valuable this book is! I don't think I will ever fully realize its value!

Finallyyyyyy... I have been reading in Mosiah! In chapter 21, the people of Limhi are making these huge stands against the Lamanites to regain their land, but every time, they suffer massive defeats. Eventually, they "did humble themselves even in the depths of humility (14)" and began to pray to God. After this, "they began to prosper by degrees(21)." I was thinking about these scriptures in relation to setting goals. I have often set lofty goals that I really have no chance of accomplishing. I think it is cool that when the people of Limhi included the Lord in their efforts, he helped them prosper by degrees. In my goal setting this year, I have been trying to set goals that are small and achievable. I think God doesn't expect us to be making these huge strides, but rather small steps towards becoming more like Him. Anywho, that's my thought!

Herman Bart

(Also last pic with the og zone😪)


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