December 30, 2020


North Phoenix


Sister Richardson

season 1, episode 11:'Holly Jolly Christmas!!"

Wow what a glorious week. I feel lazy today so I will do a brief recap.

Mon- My comp and I were trying to buy a gift for our friend. While we were shopping, a lady stopped us and offered to buy the gift for us, as well as get us two root beers!! I started crying I was so happy! Then, we went to Cafe Rio. We were about to pay with a gift card that a member gave us, when another member offered to pay for our food!! At that same moment, another member came up and offered to pay for our food. The cashier was mind blown. Generosity is just incredible. Gotta love the members.

Tuesday- we were dropping off cards to members. One member had a gate so I decide to hop it. A HUGE dog came after me and I started running SO fast. I threw the card at the doorstep and started trying to hop the fence again. It was such a miracle because the dog came right up to me and just stopped. I slowly backed away and it followed me, but no attack! Miracles!

Wednesday- had a member dinner of steak, crab and lobster. WHAT!?!

Thursday- had another pie tour, but Christmas eve addition. We got to stop by a few parties where nonmembers were there so that was awesome.

Friday- CHRISTMAS. Good day. We went on a hike, called home, made a big breakfast. We got permission to watch a movie so we went to the church, grabbed a couch from the lobby and TV from the library, then cuddled up in the primary room to watch Frozen. It was awesome.

Saturday- Alexis was baptized! I was able to witness which was the coolest thing ever. The spirit was so powerful the whole time. When Alexis was in the font, I just started to get so emotional as I thought about all that the church meant to me. She and I made eye contact the second after she came out of the water, and I just was overwhelmed by the spirit! I ran to give her a towel and a big hug! What an awesome day!

Sunday- The Snow family got me ice cream called "peanut butter party." And I was so happy.

Monday- transfers!!! My comp is leaving me! I am staying in the area and getting a new trainer named Sister Brooks! I am so excited to meet her, but so sad to lose Sister Richardson! Crazy mixed emotions

Well that's it. HAVE A GREAT WEEK

luv Herman Bart

(All of your dreams will come true if you can guess the Elder in the zoom picture)


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