December 14, 2020


North Phoenix


Sister Richardson

season 1, episode 9: "Feliz Navidad"

Eyy what up with all my favorite people?? This week was rather wild...

On Monday, we had exchanges. I had Sister Pututau with me again and when we were driving, she realized she didn't have shoes on. I don't know how you forget that. So we had to turn and drive all the way back to her apartment and burned many miles. The next day, since we were in my area, I was in charge of making the plan for the day. Sister Pututau and I are both training.. so it is kinda like a "blind leading the blind" situation. We ended up going over to Jeff's for service and built a little greenhouse! We were so proud! He has the craziest farm... he's growing bananas, pumpkins, papayas, avocados, lemons, mangos.. you name it.. IN AZ!! crazy stuff. Sister Putuatau and I were pretty stressed, so when I saw a Crumbl Cookie store, I naturally pulled over. Always a fun time with Pututau!

Also, my comp found out that her flight to Paraguay is delayed till January. She was pretty sad, but I was happy to have her around for Christmas! I made her banana bread to cheer her up. She had the idea to drop it off to our investigator friend Roger. We biked down (w my skirt on haha) to his house and dropped it off quickly and biked very quickly to avoid the big scary dog jajaja.

Also, we had a bunch of contacts without names in our phone so we called down the list. One lady answered and just ripped into the church and the Book of Mormon. It was pretty hard to hear, but I decided to share my testimony with her about how I feel the spirit! She started to agree with what I said and invited us over! Miny miracle! I'm really trying to study the Bible right now so I am prepared for that visit, send me insights if you have em!

We also had our Zone Christmas party! What a hoot that was! It was raining super hard that day which added to the magic. Also also...we had a little district Christmas gift exchange! Sister Rich and I gave Elder Burleson and Hardy matching toys, Elder Bur gave me a plant. Good stuff.

Finally, I learned a lot about a little phrase that my mom used to always tell me. I think it is from Charles Dickens, but it goes something like "Mankind is my business." We had a message with a friend named Elaine who is battling cancer. We had a whole lesson prepared, but it all got thrown away as she opened up about the struggles that her family is facing. At first I felt anxious to get back on topic, but I realized that this conversation was how my companion and I would represent Christ and help her. On Thursday this week, we were invited to Sister Thronell's house for dinner. She wanted to make cookies for her neighbors, and tackled a recipe that would make over 200 cookies. She also has severe arthritis in both of her knees and a bad parathyroid that is causing her osteoporosis. On top of all that, she just got 2 teeth pulled. She was not a happy camper... with good reason. She kept swearing and talking about how annoyed she was with everything and everyone. The visit was going way over what we had time for, and we were anxious to get on the road. After praying about it, my companion and I decided to try to stay a little longer. As we talked with her, she slowly became happier. By the end of the night, we had her eating cookies and singing "Feliz navidad!" On our way out, she called "I love you sisters!" And it melted my heart! Finally, my companion and I were walking between appointments, when this cute little kid ran up to us yelling "missionaries missionaries!!" We stopped and he told us about the food he had eaten that day. It made us late for our next appointment, but I just felt so lucky to talk to that sweet lil kid. Sometimes life doesn't go according to plan, but in the end mankind is our business. The most important work we can do on this earth is loving and serving each other.

I love you all! I hope this Christmas season has been magical! Sorry for the longer letter jaja

Love herman Bart

(The really bad quality pic is us building the greenhouse, Jeff isn't the best at taking pictures. The presents are a wonderful exhibition if missionary wrapping. Sister Richardson and I made everyone matching shirts.)


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