December 7, 2020


North Phoenix


Sister Richardson

season 1, episode 8: "It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas!"

Whatta notha week!!

To start.. on Monday this past week sis rich and I went to stake President Mitchell's house and completed the most difficult workout of my life. President Mitchell owns this thing that I like to refer to as "the devil's tricycle." But yeah the fun thing was I got to put my handprint on the "pain wall." I felt like nacho libre after he beat ramseys in the ring.

This week I got to talk to friends from all over! Facebook finding can be fun! I met a guy who lives in Queens, New York. He thought I spoke Spanish, I said I did... but when he called I just let my comp carry the team. That's what trainers are for!! At the end of the call, I offered the closing prayer. I started saying it, and he totally caught me off guard and repeated after me with each line. It was tough because he had to correct my Spanish as we went. I couldn't hide my bad Spanish by saying it quickly. It's all good tho, we love a humbling experience!! He meets with the missionaries today in person so hopefully all goes well!

We also had 2 ward Christmas parties this week!!!! Soo fun!! The first ward did a drive by and we got to be with the young women and hand out hot chocolate. Twas such a party!! And the second ward did a live nativity! The person who played Joseph was a nonmember.. and an ex-professional soccer player! Ya already know I was right by his side introducing myself hahahaha. His wife invited us to dinner so we will see where that goes..

Also I had my first zone conference!!! Messages and spirit was incredible! On the way home from one of the meetings, some elders pulled up next to us, rolled down their window, and invited us to a place called "chino bandidos." Its a combination of Mexican and Chinese food. Was interesting.

We had two different members this week invite us over to teach their Spanish speaking, non-member friends a lesson in Spanish for dinner! The first dinner was with a guy named Raul, and he only spoke Spanish. The spirit was SO strong in that lesson! We had him read a scripture from Nephi about how angels can minister to us, and he started crying so hard. There was just the coolest feeling in the room. The second lesson was with a guy named Mohanry and his 6 kids. They spoke English and Spanish so it was a little easier, but it was so fun to teach such a big family! After the lesson we made cupcakes!

Lots of really good things happening out here! During the zone conference, sister Eyre (president's wife) talked of the importance of "exalting the everyday." We make a decision everyday to be happy! If we are waiting for the right circumstance or time, we will always be chasing that happy feeling. Live in the now! Exalt the everyday!!

herman bart

(Also, I hit 2 months on the mish!)

-pics: members giving us good food, got letters from Bartons!!, Christmas parties, etc


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