November 30, 2020


North Phoenix


Sister Richardson

season 1, episode 7: "The Great American Pie Tour"


To start off, we set a baptismal date for our friend Allie!! We are so so excited about that! Hopefully it works out... prayers for that!!

Next up.. we were able to get out of quarantine!! Yay! So the pie tour happened! On Thanksgiving day we were able to visit 4 members for dinner which was an absolute hoot. I ate beyond my limit. I also learned: if someone tells you that you have a tomato allergy, take em seriously. Also onThanksgiving, my companion asked me to send a text to both of our wards (the whole of each) wishing em a happy Thanksgiving. I spelt "Thanksgiving" wrong. Sent the text out to everyone. Major L.

I also got to DRIVE this week! During exchanges, sister pututau didn't have her license yet so they let me get a tiwi card. What a party. I had such a blast with sister pututau. We made brownies and drove down to this little city called "black rock" or something like that. It was such a fun area. We met with a woman named Joy who is schizophrenic, and it was so cool to talk to her about her ability to do all things through Christ. She is so strong! She has a roommate named Shaun, who was homeless but she let him live with her to do chores. He was so sweet, and when I asked him about his massive injury on his hand, he told me that he was trying to hop on a cow he saw walking in the street. He was hoping to ride it like a cowboy, but was thrown within seconds. Shaun holds a special place in my heart jaja.

Also, a lady in our ward heard we didn't have a meal that night, so she told us to bring a pot and meet her at Chevron. We pulled up and watched this sweet lil old lady pour soup into our pot on the side of a highway. What a moment in time!

FINALLY.. I was able to go to church on sunday!!! 2 meetings!!! I really missed going to church, and there is such a good feeling there!!!

Also! I learned that you should never grab a cactus, even if it doesn't look prickly.

I would like to leave you with this thought: I think it is easy to be super busy, which is good! But we are human beings! It is important to just be. Be exactly where you are, as what you are, with whoever is around ya. I think in the hustle of the day we miss important spiritual promptings and moments to serve others. It's good to be a human-doer, but be a human being!!


herman bart

(Also the pic of the mountain is called "Indian Face." Can ya see it jajajaj)


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