November 23, 2020


North Phoenix


Sister Richardson

Season 1, episode 6 'Lucky'

Heyyyyy everyone!! What an insane week!!

So it's official... IM IN AZ!!!! So excited to be here! The whole process of having my last mtc class was pretty sad :(and then sayin "see ya later" to the fam was easily one of the hardest things I have ever done. But as Ariana Grande once said, I have "no tears left to cry."

The minute I saw my mission president and his wife, I knew I was where I was supposed to be! They are so awesome!!! The mission pres wife, sis eyre, was talking to us and kept saying "Im so happy that Im so happy!" And it made me feel so good and excited to get going! All of the newbie sisters and I stayed in a hotel the first night and it was pretty fun. Sister Ross from my mtc distirct was there which made it so fun for me! It was nice to see a familiar face!

The next day we did a brief training... and i met my comp sister richardson!!!! She is the most incredible beacon of light and faith and all things amazin! She also played a character in a "Book of Mormon" video... so yeah Im chillin with a celebrity :) She is, however, supposed to return to Paraguay in 4 weeks. We will have a short but grand time together!

The members here are amazing!!!! I have been so moved by the faith and dedication of the members down here in happy valley. We have a FULL schedule of dinner with members which is so crazy! And since the day I met my comp, we have gotten a referral every single day, 2 of them from members!! This is God's work and He is movin!!!

Disaster strikes

On friday during a district meeting, my comp and I were told that we needed to self isolate because I was exposed to corona via ross jajajajajaja. We were planning on grabbing me a phone after that meeting, so let me tell ya.. being in quarantine... in a technology mission... without a phone... brutal! We drove home and were trying to take the bikes off the back of the car... but we didnt have the lock. We decided it would be fine.. it was not fine jajajaja. Bike got stolen so that was pretty devastating. They snipped right through that cord.

On the flip side, we were able to hear from Pres Nelson!!! Hope everyone got to hear that!! And elder renlund did a face to face with our district and it was AMAZIN!! We also got to drop off a Book of Mormon to a friend who asked us for one. Since we werent able to leave the house, the elders picked it up and gave it to him for us. So yeah.. we wrapped it in "Grinch" wrapping paper, and sent it off to sweet little Antonio (big tattoo guy). Hopefully the wrapping does not offend him. We also had this really cool discussion with a woman named Monica! She grew up in India, and now that she lives in the states she wants to learn about God. Let me tell ya... telling someone who has never heard of God before that they have a loving Heavenly Father and a HUGE heavenly family is about as good as is gets.

Finally... President eyre (who literally sounds like Gronk from emperors new groove) called me for an interview. I told him about isolation and not having a phone and all that good stuff. He told me I could either make this "a prison or a temple." I think with any hard thing in life, we can feel trapped by it, or we can turn it into something really beautiful.

My companion and I are still trying to decide if I am a good or bad luck charm... stay tuned :)

I love you all!!!

Herman Bart


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