October 22, 2020


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Season 1, Episode 2: 'Rompe Cabeza!'

Hello dear friends!

Hope everyone reading this is super happy right now!

So I'm in my third week of the MTC??? How??? Time flies! It has honestly been the most incredible few weeks here as a missionary! I had my first and second TRC since my last email! A TRC is basically where you facetime a member from somewhere around the world to teach them a short lesson, this works as practice for the missionaries! My comp Jen and I were able to teach 8 different people from all over Mexico! It was so so exciting! The whole lesson had to be in Spanish, and I found that listening is wayyyyy easier than speaking. Every single one of them told us these long stories about their day or their family, and my comp and I would get so stoked when we could follow along with what they were saying! But I loved interacting with these members and feeling the spirit while speaking in Spanish has gotta be one of the best feelings out there! I've come to realize that the best way to go about a conversation is to just go for it with the Spanish even when I am sure that the phrase I am saying is wrong. Giving it the good ol' college try is better than nothing right?!

My favorite person we got to teach was this cute little lady named Lili! She is from Tijuana Mexico and was such a happy person to talk to! She had the most adorable huipil dress on with these big pink bows on the sleeves and in her hair! I can't describe it more other than just to say that she had the sweetest spirit about her! So much love for all of the incredible people that I am getting to teach!!

My district and companion continue to be amazing! There are a total of 4 sisters in my district, and we created this exclusive google hangout chat called "las hermanas." Let's just say I have never felt so cool. My teachers are keeping up the high-energy and are so much fun to learn from. They keep promising us that we will become latinas by the end of the mtc... I will be very disappointed if this does not happen for me.

As for other news... it was my mom's birthday this week! Feliz cumpleanos to her! And my fam and I started a puzzle. I would rather step on a lego than work on that puzzle. I want it solved, just not by me! Also I got my hair cut yay!!!

Nice thought: This week, Sister Clayton spoke in a devotional about the miracle of Jesus feeding five thousand from 5 loaves and 2 fish in John chapter 6. She spoke about how the fish which were brought might have been old leftovers, and how the bread might have been stale. Even still, Christ fed 5 thousand until they were full! What we bring to the Lord may only be crusty loaves or stinky fish, but the Lord will magnify our efforts and bring an abundance of blessings. When we give all we can to God, miracles will happen!!

Love you all!!
<3 Herman Bart

1. Haircut!

2. Herman Jen y yo prepping for TRC's!


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