July 3, 2017




Sister Briggs

The time is flying!!!

Man oh man, time is just flying. Its blowing my mind. Ahhhh!
This week has been so full of miracles and happiness! I'm excited to share all I've learned and seen.
This week we had Zone Conference in Hamburg. It was cool because almost all of my MTC group was there and we got to see each other before we all head home. Some weird, I remember my very first zone training meeting and hearing the finishing missionaries give their last testimony and thinking "Wow, that will be a super weird day when that's me up there". And somehow that day has come. The meeting was super good! President Fingerle's theme throughout he meeting was "by small and simple things are great things brought to pass". We learned
a lot about how if we consecrate ourselves just 1% more, then we will see great changes and miracles. Its true. Ive really seen that! And that isn't only a principle for missionaries. Its for all members/people. If we try just a little harder, give just a little more of our energy or time, and increase our efforts just 1% more, great things will be brought to pass!
We got to visit our favorite Nigerian friends this week as well! Frank and Patricia. We stopped by at the wrong time, just as they we're starting to eat dinner. Of course they insisted that we stay and eat Foofoo with them, a super typical Nigerian food. It is a big ball of stickiness made from some type of plantain that they mash up and mix with water until it becomes a sticky mass and then the sauce is fish, onions, and super spicy spices. Not my favorite but I did it for the experience.We only had 45 minutes untill our eating appointment so we ate faster than I think I ever had, and booked it out of there
to make it to our next appointment (which was a 30 minute walk). We got there just in time for Sister Lerch to pull out dinner she made us. The struggle of a missionary hahaha. First world problems right? But we were grateful that we got to visit so many wonderful people that day, even if we gained 20 pounds...
On Saturday we got to have a street display in Buxtehude! The night before we got a text from our ward mission leader saying: " its supposed to rain all day tomorrow, do you want to cancel?" It was tempting but we decided that we didn't want to cancel. We figured if we exercised our faith and did it anyways, the Lord would
see our desires and efforts and bless us for it. We got there and set up our little table with Books of Mormon and pamphlets and our prince of peace poster. Hahaha Elder Williams had to stand and hold an umbrella over the table the entire time so the books wouldn't get wet. After about 20 minutes we were all soaking wet, but
surprisingly we were all in a great mood! Because we got to talk to people about Jesus Christ. It made it all worth it and afterwards we met a man named Jobe (the job in the Bible he said) from Iran. He's been here for a while and is Christian, and is really interested in learning about Christian religions! We got his number and made an appointment for next week! 45 minutes After he left, he called us and wanted to make sure the number was right (because the card with our number we gave him had been smeared by the rain). He said he would come to
church!! This guy... this is what missionary dreams are made of. The 3 hours of standing in the rain trying to talk to Germans about Jesus Christ was all worth it, because we now get to help Jobe learn more about His Savior Jesus Christ.
We have experienced so many amazing wonderful things this week but unfortunately I don't have the time to share them all, but I hope this is sufficient. I love you my family and friends.
Have a great FOURTH OF JULY and enjoy it for me!! I love America. Next time I write I'll be days away from ending my service here in the Germany Berlin Mission. Talk to you thennnnn meine lieben ️️
Liebe Grüße,
Sister Leavitt


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