June 26, 2017




Sister Briggs

Hi again!

Our week was full of adventures, so lets start shall we?? schön.

Tuesday we had a lesson with Joseph Abebe our less active from Nigeria about baptismal covenants. He told us his conversion story and pulled out his baptism scrap book the Sister who taught him made for him. It was so precious to hear and see him talk about his baptism 2 years ago. We are working with him to bring him back to church. On my mission I've really come to see how much chuch EVERY week and partaking of the sacrament can really help and strengthen you and your commiment to God and your covenants. After our lesson, he tried to teach us his African language, hahah. I'll include a video.
After our lesson we were sooo hungry so we went to the only place in this tiny dorf (village) and got some super typical german bratwurst. I think I've just about had my fill of German bratwurst :P Afterwards we tried to catch our bus but we missed it by 5 minutes, and had to stay another 2 hours in Steinkirchen ( a super tiny village) and wait for the next bus to came and bring us back to Stade -_-. But we made a day of it and did a little dooring.

Wednesday we had District meeting in Wilhelmsburg! After that we made our way down to Hemmoor to visit a Sister Fiske for her birthday. She had her neighbor over who isn't a member and we got to talk to her for a little while about what we are doing here as missionaries and so forth.

Friday and Saturday we had exchanges! We had a super tausch in Hamburg with Sister Ahlers and Sister Ha!! It was so fun to see them ,especially sister Ha, becuase she was in my MTC group. It was fun/weird to talk with her about things since we are both going home so soon. Reminiscing on the good ole MTC days when we were little babies :P On Friday night we all went to Central Hamburg city center and had a street display about family history work! It was a lot of fun. Most people had no interest in talking with us, but God allowed us to meet some cool people and allowed us to see some little miracles. I talked to  a lady who doesn't believe in God becuase there are so many bad things in the world. She asked "How could God allow so much bad in the world if there was a God?" Throughout my mission, I've heard this question over and over again. Its a good question, and honestly has quite a simple answer. It all comes down to what Gods role is. Why there is a God and what his relationship to his children is. If we looked to God as a parent, and compared him to our earthly parents, I think we would understand his role a little better.

Saturday afternoon we got to go see a less active member in our ward named Favour. She is also from Nigeria and has the biggest heart of all time!! I love her so much. We got to share the Easter video with her and then make some delicious food together.

Sorry, this email was full of really random thoughts. I wish I had more time to include in detail everything that we get to experience here on a mission. I've learned so much and grown so much, and I don't even think I can explain that in words. The Gospel is true! In case you forgot or don't know yet, please just pray about it. Find out! "Knock and it shall be opened unto you". Sooooo many blessing are waiting for us, all we have to do is diligently seek them. I love you all!
Have a good week meine lieben.


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