May 29, 2017




Sister Briggs

The Last Transfer. Also, the Book of Mormon Rocks. Just saying.

Moin Moin Meine lieben!
sooooooooo, TRANSFER calls were on Saturday and Sister Briggs and I will both be staying in our beautiful little Stade! It was a crazy realization that that was my last transfer call of my mission. Yes, that's right. I am officially in my last transfer of my mission. I have no idea how the time went by so fast. I wont give the whole "what I've learned" speal quite yet, I still have 6 more weeks of Germany (:
Anywhos, I'll try my best to catch you all up on the things that have been happening here.
Tuesday we had a lesson with Tina Scholtz, a less active member. Oh man, I love her so much. She is so great. We had a lesson about the Book of Mormon with her. We read the talk " The Power of the Book of Mormon" by President Monson from the April 2017 General Conference. What better words to use to teach about the power of the Book of Mormon than the prophets words himself! We read the entire talk together and when we got to the last paragraph that says "...I implore each of us to prayerfully study and ponder The Book of Mormon EACH DAY. As we do so, we will be in a position to hear the voice of the Spirit, to resist temptation, to overcome doubt and fear, and to receive heavens help in our lives..." As soon as we read that Tina stopped, looked at us and said: "Are you saying if I read and study the Book of Mormon everyday I will be able to overcome my anxiety and fear?". The most beautiful moment was when I could look her into the eyes and promise her in the Name of Christ that if she did so, these promised blessings could be hers. I love how much our Heavenly Father wants to bless us.
Wednesday we had District meeting in Hamburg and then gemiko (ward mission council). Sister Briggs thought she for sure was leaving Stade (she's already been here for  6 transfers) So we took pictures and said a quasi goodbye. I love Wednesday because we get to eat with Schwester Lerch! She is the mother of our GML (ward mission leader) and cooks dinner for us every Wednesday before gemiko. Its a good time.
Thursday was a holiday called Christ Himmerlfahrt and also German Fathers day haha. (Shout out to my dad, you rock). We had a ward activity with Stade ward and the Altona Hamburg ward. We went to a huge park and grilled and had fun in the sun. It's probably the first time my arms have even seen the sun in 17 months :P hahaha. Tina even came!! Which was a huge amazing step for her. As we were sitting there eating our delicious grilled chicken and German potato salad, Tina says " Sister, I just have to tell you. I started reading the Book of Mormon first thing in the morning every day. I can't even describe how much of a difference it has made in my mental health and my day!!" WOWOW, I loveeee the Book of Mormon!! I know that President Thomas S. Monson's promises about the Book of Mormon aren't just nice words that he thought people would like to hear. They are REAL! The Reading and studying of the Book of Mormon can literally transform our lives. It brings us closer to Christ. It helps us in our every day challenges and needs. As a missionary its been amazing to see how my love of the scriptures has grown. We get to study every morning for an hour before we head out to do the Lords work. Thats truly been an amazing blessing in my life. It's goooooood stuff friends!!
Friday we had to go pick up Sister Ellis from the Hamburg train station. Her companion was invited to attend MLC and she had to stay with us for the day. We drove to Hamburg, picked her up, and drove home. Nothing much exciting happened honestly, we weekly planned and then went to another eating appointment with the Friskes. Oh man, they are amazing. Brother Fiske has an amazing conversion story, but I'm running low on time so I'll have to tell that another day. Then we drove back to Hamburg and dropped Sister Ellis off. A total of about 4 hours in the car all day :P.
Sunday we had a lesson with Jemal! He's a cool kid. He is from Eritria and we found him last week. We taught him the Restoration and it went really well. Hopefully he can come to church with us next week (:
Well, my time is running low. I'm so excited to spent the next 6 weeks here in Stade with Sister Briggs before I head out. I love my mission, I Love Germany, I love the people, and I Love the Gospel. I'm so very lucky!
XOXO Sister leavitt


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