May 11, 2017




Sister Briggs

Moin moin Meine Lieben

This week was fabulous, so lettuce begin!

Tuesday was super cool! We found an amazing new family to teach. Back story: A few weeks before I got to Stade, Sister Briggs and her last companion doored into a lady and gave a message about eternal families. The Lady said that she has been praying for guidance in her life regarding religion and also prayed to know more about the eternal family. Dun dun dun!! Then came the Good ole Sister Missionaries with a message about the family. They taught her a little and left her a Book of Mormon. Tuesday, we went by this family again to teach her more. She wasn't home but her husband and kids were. They let us in and we talked to the Husband and he told us that he had already read 1 Nephi 1-10 in the book they had left for the wife, and in his beautiful words "Yeah I just read a chapter every night before I go to bed. I really like it." So natürlich, we taught him the first lesson. They are called the Werner family and we are so excited to meet with them again and help them on the path that they prayed for. I know without a doubt that Heavenly Father is aware of all of his children. He knows what we need and what we are ready for.

On Wednesday, we had District meeting in Wilhemburg (Hamburg) and it was super super good! We have a super weird crazy district this transfer. This is my first transfer in a while not being in a "Sistrict" (aka a district with 4 sisters and 2 elders). The topic of the meeting was about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Great right? You should have Faith in Christ, repent, get baptized with water and fire and then you endure right? We learned that this "List" isn't really a list of things to just check off before you knock on Heavens door and they let you in. It's more of a lifelong cycle. So how does this pertain to already baptized members? WE are always exercising our faith in Christ which leads us to repentance, and then instead of baptism, we can substitute in the sacrament, or going to the temple and renewing and remembering our covenants with God. This Gospel of Jesus Christ is a lifelong process! How amazing is it that we have TEMPLES on the Earth. 150 of them actually, so we can always be LIVING the Gospel!

Thursday we took our car in to get the brakes checked because I thought they sounded weird. Turns out there is nothing wrong with them, I just know nothing about cars hahah so that was awkward. But after that we went over to a less actives house, Tina, and had a lesson on how the Spirit speaks to us, and helped her clean her house. Gooood day!

Friday we had Tausch (exchanges) With the STL's in Hamburg. I went to Hamburg with Sister Garnett and Sister Briggs stayed in Stade with Sister Ahlers. Sister Garnett and I went to a lesson with the daughter of a member. They are from the Ivory Coast! The daughter is 8 and preparing for baptism. The sisters have been teaching her the lessons and this day we got to teach her the plan of salvation and then set a baptismal date for May 20th. She could hardly sit still with excitement after we asked her if she wanted to be baptized on May 20th. It was so precious and just warmed my little missionary heart.

We tausched back on Saturday and went to an eating appointment with a member, Sister Fuchs. Oh man...this lady, she is 83 years old and the most German, Honest, bold lady I've ever met, and I've meet a lot of them. She made us a salad, which I was so grateful for because I've had one to many eating appointments where they make you eat your weight in meat and potatoes (as delicious as it is). We talked about the Priesthood and showed her a Mormon message about it. She told us a story of a time before her husband was a member and had the priesthood that she was sick and needed a blessing. She couldn't ask her husband so her bishop came over and gave it to her. With tears rolling down her face she told us how sad she was that her husband couldn't give her a blessing. I felt the spirit so strong, and was so grateful in that moment that I have worthy family members and eventually a worthy husband, who hold the Power of God to bless and to heal.

This church is true folks. One quote to wrap up: "BE A CHRISTIAN SOLDIER, NOT A WEEKEND WARRIOR".
I love you all so much. I would say happy mother’s day in advance, but that's just bad luck in Germany so BIS SPÄTER!

Sister Leavitt


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