May 3, 2017




Sister Briggs

Well hello May!

Bwah, I'm going to be honest here and say that the longer I'm out on my mission the harder it is to write creative exciting group emails. So sorry if you are one of the few who still actually reads my emails and doesn't just look at the pictures of the pretty German scenery.

This week honestly went by so fast that I don't even know what happened or how I've managed to forget everything that happened this week. I've been out for 15 months and I still haven't figured out this time thing. But even though it was fast it was a good one.

Here in Stade we get to meet with lots of inactive/less active members. It's the heft of our work here. We met with a lady named Tina who is amazing. Her faith is so strong. Especially amidst all of her family leaving the church after being active for years. She has a lot of mental and health issues which makes it hard for her to come to church most times. But we got to talk and share experiences with her.
I love her so much. It's amazing how much love you can have for someone after only knowing them for one day. The most beautiful thing about missionary work is coming to know and love so many of Gods children.

We also got to meet with Frank and Patricia, another less active family. They are from Nigeria and it's just always an African party at their house. We are trying to help them overcome problems with the wars and bring them back to church so they are eventually worthy to enter Gods temple to be sealed. They were baptized just over a year ago and have 4 beautiful little children. The temple is my absolute favorite place ever and its amazing helping people be able to love it and look forward to it as much as I do.

As always we got out and did a little dooring, which is always just such an interesting time. You never know what you are going to get or what kind of stories you will have to tell afterwards.
There is always the mad old German lady who tells you that she already has a church, or the guy who thinks we are JW's, or introducing ourselves and the man raising one hand and says STOP in his German accent and slams the door, or the classic lady who is scared to look us in the eyes because she believes we will want to baptize her then and there. Good times. I love this country.
Even though most people don't want anything to do with us, it's still so rewarding just being able to testify of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. Especially to his children who are not even aware that they have a Shepard to care for and love them.
Nothing is more amazing.

Here in Germany it's "tag der Arbeit" which means day of work, but its basically a day where no one works. I love how much Germans love their holidays.
Welp, happy May and happy week my friends and family. Enjoy that Arizona sun for me.
aufwiedersehen 🇩🇪🌵

Xoxo sister Aubrey leavitt


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