April 10, 2017




Sister Gladney

Learn Peace from the Prince of Peace.

Meine lieben,

Bwah This was a crazy busy week, which I'm grateful for! You know you had a good hard working week when you can barely keep your eyes open while walking down the street.
This next week coming up is the last week of the transfer which is absolutely dumbfounding. I'm not sure how I feel about only having a trainees amount of time left (aka 2 transfers). But I'm excited to see where transfers will take me,or leave me I suppose haha. Stay tuned next week!

Anyways, Monday was a crazy day driving from our area to the Bad Bentheim sisters area trying to get things settled for Sister Hammers new mini missionary companion, because her current companion went home with health issues. Sister Gladney, Sister Hammer and I all went to the train station to pick up Sister Hammers temporary companion who actually turned out to be President Fingerle's niece! Hahaha. She will only be able to be a mini missionary until Wednesday so we will be right back in a trio next week until the end of the transfer. #dritlife ahhhh just like the good ole MTC days :p.

Tuesday we just did some finding and service which was good. I honestly can't remember what happened so I guess I'll just move on to....

Wednesday! We woke up bright and early to hope on a train to Hannover for Zone conference! We had a double zone conference with our zone (Oldenburg) and the Hannover zone. President Fingerle was there and it was a grand ole time. We learned alot including how to prepare ourselves to be online proselyting missionaries. Yes, that's right.... our mission has the opportunity to learn how to use a Facebook as a missionary tool and focus more on online proselyting!! Soooo in the next few weeks we will be using Facebook and social media to be moving the work of God along in a more efficient, accelerated form. The leaders of the church have prophesied that through technology, the gospel will reach places and people it has never reached before. Technology was inspired of God to help build him kingdom, and who better to use those tools than missionaries! Using our own personal Facebook we will be able to turn missionary work from a trickle to a Flood!! Exciting stuff aye? ;) We as the Germany Berlin mission are only 1/18 missions in the world who have this type of opportunity to use social media for the way God intended: To spread the Gospel to all corners of the Earth!!

Thursday and Friday were full of finding. We had street displays where we talked to as many people as we could and shared the video with as many people who would listen. In Germany you have to receive permission from the city to do such things, but since we did not have the official papers yet we had to pull a JW.... which means we just stand in one area and then move to a new area every 15 minutes. But it was fun! Street displays are always an adventure! For example, we meet a cool young dude in the navy who was interested in learning more and gave us his number, got proposed to by a dude from Macedonia because he wants a green card, met a student from Indonesia and even got told by an old man that we were "too young" to know the truth. We have the new Easter video in 5 languages on our iPad. English, German, Turkish, Arabic, and Farci. I am always amazed at how many times we can actually use all those videos here!! Its so amazing that the gospel really is reaching places that it never could before! God is good :)On Friday night, Abby and Lars(members) drove us home, and as we approached our house, we saw a group of drunk men (not uncommon in the Bier capital of the world) right outside our door, and dirty stuffed socks tied on a rope reaching down the entire block.......what? Abby made Lars get out of the car and walk us to our door. Lars explained that it was a German tradition, "Alt Socken" (old socks). Apparently when someone reaches the ripe age of 25, and is still not married, they line dirty socks along a rope spanning the block and drink, party and blast their music for us to hear until the early hours of the night. Thank you Deutschland!....

Saturday we got to visit my favorite Sister Hesse! She lives in a little dorf (village) called Recke that requires a hour bus ride but her schnitzel and potatoes were definitely worth that bumpy long bus ride. Mmmmmm. She is 88 and just the cutest ever. She made us lunch and we shared the Easter video with her and read from Gordon B Hinckley's teaching of the presidents book. After we got back to Osnabrück we went out and talked to more people.

As I'm sure you know, EASTER in making its way around the corner, and just a little reminder/quote from conference from President Nelson: "Its the Savior that saves us , not the Atonement." The atonement is what he DID, its not an abstract thing we are searching for. He encouraged us all to learn more about him. I urge you take up his challenge, and Learn all you can about Christ as Sunday creeps up :) Tschüß!

Xoxo Sister Leavitt


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